On April 29th 1922 three young children the eldest not more than seven years old moved through a huge crowd that had gathered in Upper Norwood. Each child placed three daffodils the stems covered with brown tissue paper - in memory of their Dear Daddy.

The occasion was the unveiling of Upper Norwoods war memorial. The South London Press report of May 5th 1922 does not name the children or who their Dear Daddy was. There are no names on the Upper Norwood war memorial. Unbelievably there seems to be no official list of those names that would (should) have been placed on it.

The following list of those Upper Norwood residents and people who worshipped in various local churches and who gave their lives in The Great War is:

a) almost certainly incomplete; and

b) almost certainly inaccurate in some places.

There are plaques to the fallen in three of the five parish churches which cover various parts of Upper Norwood All Saints on the corner of Church Road and Beulah Hill; St Paul Penge which is actually in Hamlet Road SE19 off Anerley Road and St Johns in Auckland Road. St Stephens Dulwich has a memorial cross outside the church with the names of those who fell. The plaque in Christ Church, Gipsy Hill was destroyed along with most of the church in the huge fire of 1982.

There are also plaques in Upper Norwood Methodist Church off Westow Hill and the former St Andrews Presbyterian Church in Westow Street which is now the Greek Orthodox Church. Two other churches which stood at the end of the First World War no longer exist. According to Dr Ron Cox, who wrote the Croydon Inventory of War Memorials, all the names on the wooden board (which no longer exists) which stood in St Margarets in Chevening Road also appear on the All Saints memorial. Central Hill Baptist Chapel, which stood on the corner of Gatestone Road and Central Hill was destroyed by enemy action in World War Two. Whether it had a memorial or not I have yet to ascertain.

St Aubyns which stood on the corner of Church Road and St Aubyns Road had a memorial window whose unveiling was reported in the Croydon Advertiser of November 15 1919.. Likewise, I have not yet been able to ascertain whether it had any plaque to the fallen of the Great War.

Among the names listed here you will find two men who were awarded the Victoria Cross (one of whom was among two local men awarded the Croix de Guerre).

They came from all walks of life and all classes fishmongers assistant, golf caddie, policeman, shoemaker and two Reverends. And a wide age group including one 16 year old and, as Ive just been able to finally establish,  there is also one woman on this list.

Among the first local men to die was John Stubbins (6.9.1914) whose name is on the memorial in St Paul. Among the last, a former Rockmount pupil Francis Henry Martin (12.10.1918) and Arthur Edward Prosser 23.10.1918) whose name is on both the St Paul and Penge war memorials.

Queens Road now Queen Mary Road lost at least 11 sons; Moffat Road, Thornton Heath at least seven;  St Hughs Road, Anerley at least 10 and Woodland Road, Upper Norwood at least six along with one former pupil of Woodland Road school. At least nine of those named here and probably more all died on July 1, 1916 the first day of the Battle of the Somme which in one day saw the deaths of 19,240 British and Commonwealth troops.

Among those who died on that day was one person posthumously awarded the Victoria Cross; two former pupils of what was then Rockmount Road school and three men from the parish of St Johns. (Just over a month before, HMS Indefatigable and HMS Queen Mary were sunk in the Battle of Jutland. 1,017 men died on HMS Indefatigable; 1,266 on Queen Mary. You will find the names of one man from each ship here as well.)

Some of the people listed here may have lived in your road. Just possibly they lived in the house where you now live. Spare a thought for them. Without them (and those who gave their lives in World War Two) I wouldnt have been able to write this articleand you wouldnt have been able to read it.


ALDRIDGE J A four possibles on CWGC website.



BALDWIN C W L 24 C Baldwins listed on CWGC. No local connection given.

BEDFORD William Henry Private 23792 age 18 Royal Sussex Regiment 7th Btn born Chelsea 24 Dec 1899. Plumbers mate. son of Mr and Mrs W J Bedford 139 Moffat Rd TH. Died 10.8.1918 of wounds received 8.8.1918. 1V.C.2 Pernois British Cemetery Halloy-les-Pernois.

BILTON Albert Edward Rifleman S/25269 age 31 Rifle Brigade 8th Btn. Husband of Helen Catherine Bilton of 25 Lenham Rd TH Died 23.5.1917 or July 1917 of wounds received  Buried Newcastle-upon-Tyne (St Andrews and Jesmond) Cemetery.

BISHOP F J Gunner 293404 age 38. Royal Garrison Artillery 140th Heavy Bty. Husband of Emma Jane Bishop of 39 Mersham Rd TH. Fell 27.4.1917 1.F.13 Bully-Grenay Communal Cemetery British extension.

BLAND Leslie Victor  Bombardier (Cpl) 510019 age 21. Canadian Field Artillery 5th Trench Mortar Bty. Son of James Edward and Charlotte Bland of 35 or 39 Beauchamp Road, UN. Canadian. Mechanical engineer. Resident of Lowell,Mass.USA Died 28.4.1918.1.K10 La Targette British Cemetery Neuville-St.Vass.

BOGGIS F S J Private 1131 age 28 The Queens (Royal West Surrey) Regiment A Coy. 7th Btn. Son of Charles F and Mary Ann Boggis of 214 Livingstone Road TH. Born South Norwood. Died 5.6.1919. K 9 10736 Buried Croydon (Mitcham Road) Cemetery.

BORER Edward Arthur Private S/802 The Queens (Royal West Surrey) Regiment 1st Btn. Died 25.9.1915 Panel 13 to 15 Loos Memorial. (Only E Borer listed on CWGC)

BOUGHTON Arthur Lance Cpl 37003 East Surrey Regt 3rd/5th Btn. Died 13.11.1918 Buried Croydon (Mitcham Road) R 3 938

BOUGHTON Sydney Herbert Private 77834 age 18 Royal Fusiliers 17th Btn. Born 20 Gibsons Hill UN 16 Aug 1899. Steward. Son of Thomas and Harriet Boughton of 20 Arnulls Rd UN. Died 6.6.1918 near Arras. XV111.B.19 Bienvillers Military Cemetery.

BROCK W. (a Brock W is also listed on the memorial at St Paul Penge).




BROWN Possibly Herbert V Rifleman age 24 London Regt (Post Office Rifles) 1st/8th Btn. Son of the late George Brown of 20 Carnac Street, WN. Pier and Face 9C and 9D Thiepval memorial.


BURT Walter Saxon RN Midshipman. age 19 Elder son of Walter and Josephine Burt of Central Hill. Died in action in the naval battle of Jutland on HMS Queen Mary 31.5.1916 in the Battle of Jutland.. (Separate memorial in All Saints).

CHESTER F C Five F Chesters listed on CWGC, no local connection given.

CHILLMAID Frederick Arthur Private 14788 age 23 E Surrey Regt 113th Btn. Son of Arthur and Eliza Ann Chillmaid of 48 Cranbrook Road TH. Dental mechanic. Born Southwark. Pupil Beulah Road school TH. Died 24.4.1917. Pier and Face 6B and 6C Thiepval Memorial.

CHILTON Ernest Bdr Royal Field Artillery Son of Mr and Mrs Chilton 6 Penrith Road TH Accidentally killed France 4.6.1916

CHITTELL S C see St Andrews

COCKRAM Arthur Herbert Private 1546 London Regiment (1st Surrey Rifles) 21st Btn Born 13.12.1896. Son of Arthur and Fanny Cockram 66 Queens Road UN. Telegraph messenger. Died 22.9.1916 at 36 CCS of wounds received at High Wood, Somme 15.9.1916. 1V.E 79 Heilly station Cemetery. Mericourt -LAbbe. (See also: Rockmount; UN Sorting Office).

COLLYER James Private G/18791 age 32 Queens Own (Royal West Kent Regt) 11th Btn. Husband of Taston Ivings Collyer of 11 Queens Road, UN. Son of William and Emily Collyer. Died 31.7.1917.Panel 45 and 47 Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial.

COOPER J W 44 listed on CWGC. No local connection given.

CRISSELL J P not listed on CWGC

DEADMAN G C Private age 36 Royal Army Service Corps (Royal Garrison Artillery. Attached 66th Bde). Husband of G C Deadman 71 Spa Hill. Son of George David and Sarah Elizabeth Deadman of Walworth.  11.E.26 Doullens Communal cemetery extension no.2.

DENNIS Frederick William Rifleman 591801 age 23 London Regt (London Irish Rifles)  Husband of Winifred Branford formerly Dennis of 78 South Croxted Road, Dulwich.Son of William and Rose Dennis of UN. Born 109 Queens Road UN 14 Sept 1896. Glass stainer. Died 9.4.1918 of wounds received at Palestine 30.3.1918. AA.57 Ramleh War cemetery

DOWTHWAITE A G Gunner (Signaller) 153680 Royal Garrison Artillery 81st Siege Bty. Husband of E N Dowthwaite 9 Chatfield Road West Croydon. Res 74 Pendevon Road West Croydon. Served with British Red Cross for two and a half years. Died 29.3.1918. XA9 Bienvillers Military cemetery. (Note: Spelt Douthwaite in M/S)

DOWTHWAITE H J Sub-conductor 02562 age 27 Royal Army Ordnance Corps No 5 Ordnance (Ammunition). Son of A Dowthwaite 83 Moffat Rd TH Died 22.8.1918 1V D 30 Aubigny Communal Cemetery extension.

EAGLES Arthur George Gunner 69622 age 22 Royal Horse Artillery. Born TH. Son of Edward and Mary Eagles of Carter St, Fordham, Cambs. Died 15.3.1915. F13 Rue-du-Bacquerot (13th London) Graveyard. Laventie.

EAGLES James William Lance Cpl G1244 The Queens (Royal West Surrey) Regt 7th Btn G. Died 3.4.1918 5.G.12 Chauny Communal Cemetery British extension.


EDGCOMBE John Ernest Boy Mechanic age 16 RAF School of Technical Training (Halton). Son of James and Annie A W Edgcombe of 1 South Vale, Central Hill UN. AA39 Aylesbury Cemetery

EMERY E W Corporal London Regt Resident TH Fell 1916


FITCH F A Rifleman 3554 age 19 London Regt (1st Surrey Rifles) 21st Btn. Son of Mrs Emily Hickman 2, Poplar Cottages, Haynes Lane UN. Died 23.5.1916. Arras Memorial.

GADD Frederick George Rifleman RB Son of Mr and Mrs Gadd 17 Upton Road. Born Paxton Yard, WN Golf caddie. Res: 105 Northwood Rd TH. Fell France 9.5.1915


GENT Albert Victor Private 41949 age 30. North Staffordshire Regt 1st Btn. Son of Alfred and Bessie Gent 125 Livingstone Road TH Panel 8 Ploegsteert Memorial.


GORDON William Charles Private 45672 age 27 Machine Gun Corps (Infantry). Husband of Ella Louisa Gordon 110 Burlington Road TH. Died 7.10.1916. Pier and Face 5C and 12C Thiepval Memorial.

GRAYSON Frederick Arthur (or Hart)  Lance Cpl 5180 5th Dragoon Guards. Son of Mr and Mrs Grayson 166 Moffat Rd TH. Employed by Croydon Corporation Tramways. Fell Messines 31.10.1914. Panel 5 Ypres (Menin Gate) memorial. (Listed at end of M/S).

GREENFIELD Leonard George Harrop Private 687. Age 42 Royal Fusiliers 8th Btn. Husband of Annie Greenfield 39a Mersham Road TH. Pier and Face 8C 9A and 16A Thiepval Memorial

GREENOP Garnet Arthur Claude 2nd Lt age 22 Royal Field Artillery 172nd Bty. Son of Arthur James Greenop and the late Claudine Ada Greenop. Enlisted September 1914 in London Rifle Brigade. Went to France November 1914. Died 8.7.1916.


HAINES William Coulston Assistant Steward, Mercantile Marine Reserve. age 21. HMS Laurentic. Son of Sarah Ada Hyde, formerly Haines, of Wheelers Farm, Swallowfield, Reading and the late William Haines. Native of TH. Died 25.1.1917. Ref 26 Plymouth Naval memorial.

HANSFORD P C DCM Company Sergeant Major 87253 age 31.Royal Engineers 204th Field Coy Husband of Mary Hansford 106 Northwood Road TH Son of Charles and Sarah Hansford of Weymouth, Dorset. 9.4.1918 I B I Senlis Communal Cemetery extension

HARRIS Stephen Private PLY/17641 RMLI. Born 112 Queens Road. Pupil Eden Road school WN. Gardener. Lost on HMS Indefatigable. Jutland 31.5.1916. Photo in M/S 18 Plymouth Naval memorial

HEWITT G Private MM and CDG 11 Essex Regiment Born 1883. Enlisted Middlesex Yeomanry August 1915. Awarded Croix de Guerre for gallant conduct near Dickebush, Ypres 25th May 1918. Son of Mr and Mrs Hewitt 180 Moffat Road TH. Died of wounds received 2 June 1918. Buried Esquelbecq. Not on CWGC website.


HILL ACF possibly: Aubrey Charles Finch Captain age 43 RAF aerodrome service unit Husband of Elizabeth Aitchison Hill, 48a upper Brook Street, London. Son of the late Joseph and Mary Ann Hill of Selborne, Leigham Court Road, Streatham Hill 24.10.1918 A31 Fillievres Communal Cemetery



JARMAN A W  Private SD/1845 Royal Sussex Regiment 12th Btn 30.6.1916 III 0 3 St. Vaast post Military Cemetery Richebourg LAvoue.


JOHNSTONE Walter Henry Private The Queens (Royal West Surrey) Regiment 2nd Btn Born 34 Dover Road, New Town UN. Pupil Rockmount Road. Labourer. Married. Res 92 Queens Road. Served in South Africa War (medal, eight clasps), India etc. Re-enlisted 5 October 1914. Fell Festubert 16.5.1915.Panel 4 and 5 Le Touret Memorial.

KIDDELL F C Private 40856 age 18 Hertfordshire Regt 1st Btn Son of George C and Jane Kiddell 110 Spa Hill UN Died 6.3.1918 V C 8 Tincourt New British Cemetery.


KNIGHT William George Rifleman 551156 age 20. London Regiment (Queens westminster Rifles) Born 1897. Son of William George and Henrietta Knight 26 Buller Road TH Died of wounds received in Palestine 22.2.1918.Q 33 Jerusalem war CVemetery, israel.

LA ROCHE Frederick James Victor Lance Cpl age 21 G/615 Royal Sussex Regt 2nd Btn. Son of Frederick and Emily La Roche 22 Borough High St, London. 30.6.1916. Bay 6 Arras memorial.

LEE James Frank Lewis Lance Cpl G/4105 age 22 The Queens (Royal West Surrey) Regiment 1st Btn. Born 1895. Resident 62 Mersham Road TH. Son of Lt J V Lee and Mrs Lee. Enlisted 6.1.1915. Fell 15.7.1916. V.J.4 Adanac Military Cem Miraumont.

LONGMAN Leslie Lionel Rifleman 394478 age 19 London Regt (Queen Victoria Rifles) 9th Btn. Born 1st February 1899. Clerk Second son of Henry James and Rose Longman of 138 Moffat Road TH. Photo in M/S plate X1X.5. Died 25.8.1918 at 55 CCS France of wounds received on the Somme same day. III F.11 Daours Communal Cemetery Extension.

LUMLEY T H W (T W H on CWGC website).Private 514570 age 31. Canadian. Canadian Army Service Corps. Son of Mr and Mrs John Thomas Lumley 144 Spa Hill TH. Died 19.10.1918 GWVA 273. Toronto (Prospect) cemetery


MacCALL Henry Dobree Captain age 33 33rd Punjabis/Punjab Regiment. Born 1882. Indian. Served in South Africa War. Queens Medal. Five clasps. Son of Col G MacCall (late 8th Benghal Cemetery). Fell Flanders 25.9.1915. IID 16 Rue-de-Bacqueret No.1 Military Cemetery Lavente.

MARKS W Possibly A W Marks Dorset Regt 14651. Resident TH. Died of wounds 17.9.1916.

MARTIN Albert Henry First Class Stoker Royal Navy. H.M. S/M G7 Eldest son of Mr and Mrs A J Martin of Beechhurst, Grange Road, South Norwood. Died while on active service October 1918 or 1.11.1918. 29 Chatham Naval Memorial.

MINOT Laurence MC Captain age 21 Royal Flying Corps 57th Squadron. Only son of John Edward and Ada Minot of 30 Beulah Hill. 28.7.1917 UN I A 14 Harlebeke New British Cemetery.

MITCHELL Walter John Private 17847 age 32 Queens Own Royal West Kent Regiment Husband of Lily Louise Mitchell of go Queens Road, Crown Hill, UN 3.5.1917 Bay 7 Arras Memorial.Norwood. Fell 1917.

MONK L G possibly Private 23764 Royal Welsh Fusiliers 8th Btn C 1V 3 Pieta Military Cemetery 29.12.1915 (Only L G Monk listed CWGC)

MORETON Robert Private 21852 Sussex Regiment 12th Btn. Born 107 Biggin Hill 7 June 1896. Son of Mr J and Mrs Moreton 22 Queens Road UN. Grocers assistant. Died of wounds France 27.7.1916. I J 44 Philosophe British Cemetery Mazingarbe.

MOULDER Harry Company Sgt Major T/93 age 36 The Queens (Royal West Surrey) Regt 1st/4th Btn. Born 1881.Husband of Rose Moulder 96 Holmesdale Rd SN. 20.11.1916 Buried Nowswera Military Cemetery N27. Face 1 Delhi Memorial (India Gate)

MUSSON John Hardy 2nd Lt age 20 2nd Btn The Queens (Royal West Surrey) Regiment. Killed in action near Bethune France 19.7.1915. I J 8 St Vaast Post Military Cemetery Richebourg LAvoue. (separate memorial in All Saints)

NEVARD Ashton Herbert Private 4480 age 31 London Regiment 45a Mersham Road TH Employed by London Brighton and South Coast Railway Died of wounds 25.9.1916 B 23 63 St Sever Cemetery Rouen.






PETERS Charles William Sergeant 1168 age 32 Australian Infantry AIF 8th Btn Husband of V L Peters of 26 Queens Road UN. Son of Ernest Peters. Native of Earlswood. Surrey. Died 21.9.1917. XXIV H 18A Lijssenthoek Military Cemetery. (See also Upper Norwood Methodist Church)


PICKFORD A J Ernest (Possibly) Private Born 1896 Eldest son of Arthur and Emily Pickford 206 Livingstone Road TH. Died of wounds France 25.8.1918.

PIGRAM Frederick Benjamin Private 6536 age 31 Hampshire Regt 1st btn Husband of Nellie Maud Pigram of 47 North street, Emsworth, Hants Son of Mr and Mrs Charles A Pigram of Brighton. 3.12.1914 111 F 17 Le Grand Beaumart, British cemetery, Steenwerck

POTTS F Private 532082 London Regiment (Prince of Wales Own Civil Service Rifles) 1st/ 15th Btn. Son of Elizabeth Ann Potts of 37 Howberry Road TH and the late Thomas Potts. 7.6.1917 Panel 54 Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial.

POWELL William Sgt Gordon Highlanders 1st (or 3rd) Btn.Born Basingstoke or Worting, Hants 9th July 1865. Gasfitter Husband of Ada Jane Powell 56 Mersham Road TH. Son of William Powell.Served in the South Africa Campaign. Re-enlisted September 1914. Died Crescent War Hospital. Croydon 3.10.1918. Q 7 17383 Croydon (Queens Rd) Cemetery.

PREDDY Herbert Victor Private East Surrey Regiment 9th. Born 18 Armills (Arnulls?) Road Gibsons Hill 17 October 1891. Printer. Son of Mr and Mrs H Joseph Preddy. Fell Guillemont 16.8.1916. Not on CWGC.


RICHARDSON Hector Lawrence MM Rifleman Rifle Brigade 9th. Born Leeds 27.1.1894 Chauffeur. Son of Charles Frederick and Bertha Richardson, 29 Preston Road, Beulah Hill. Posthumously awarded Military Medal for bravery in the field 8 September 1916. Died at Amiens 20.8.1916 of wounds received 15 August 1916.


ROMILLY Arthur Howell Capt age 37 Duke of Cornwalls Light Infantry 1st Btn. Husband of Annie Palmer Romilly. Served in the South Africa Camapign. Son of the late Captain F G Romilly (Royal Engineers) Died 21.10.1914 IV F 23 Guards Cemetery, Windy Corner, Cuinchy.

RUSSELL Charles Frank Trooper 2859 age 23 1st Life Guards B Sqdn. Born Norwood 10 April 1892. Son of David and Phyllis Russell of 116 Queens Road UN Fell Belgium 13.5.1915. Panel 3 Ypres (Menin Gate).


SHELDRICK Thomas Edward Private East Surrey Regiment 12th Btn. Born 6 October 1881. 21 Sainsbury Road. Pupil Woodland Road school. Resident 36 Queens Road UN Husband of Ellen Sheldrick. Son of Mrs T Sheldrick 21 Sainsbury Road UN. Fell Ypres 25.4.1918. Buried XIII G 3 Vlamertinge west of Ypres.

SIMMONS Della Private 273060 age 33 Durham Light Infantry 18th Btn Born 1885 Husband of Mrs A Simmons 198 Northwood Road TH. Son of John and Emma Simmons 284 Parchmore Road TH Fell France 2.7.1918.Plot 1 Row A Grave 13 Le Grand Hasard military cemetery, Morbecque.

SINGLETON E J Possibly: Private London Regiment 552796 Resident TH fell 1917.

SLYFIELD William John Gunner Royal Field Artillery 168th Bde D Bty . Born 73 Beulah Hill UN 5 January 1895. Son of William George and Kate Slyfield 66a Queens Road UN. Pupil Wesleyan school Eden Road WN. Photo in M/S Died 5.11.1917 at 10 Gen Hospital Rouen of wounds received at Passchendaele 29.10.1917. P III L5B St Sever Cemetery Extension Rouen

SMITHSON Peter William Private 43807 age 29 Machine Gun Corps (Infantry) Husband of Violet M Frier formerly Smithson 91 Crowther Road, SN 22.2.19 K9 10551 Croydon (Mitcham Road) cemetery

SPALL W Driver 950788 age 22 Royal Field Artillery D Bty 235th Bde Son of Mr W J Spall of Beulah Hill Golf Club, Biggin Hill UN Died 26.9.1917 III B 28 La Clytte Military Cemetery

STANFORD E Pte 72672 age 35 Royal Army Medical Corps 134th Field Ambulance Husband of Isabel Esther Stanford of 214 Bold Street, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Son of Richard and Amy Stanford of 41 Preston Road UN Died 17.8.1918 I E 4 Voormezeele Enclosures 1 and 2

or: STANFORD E Sub Lt RNVR RN Depot (Crystal Palace) Died 15.2.1915 Y3 6814 Beckenham Crematorium

STANLEY Frederick Edward Private 4392 age 21 E Surrey Regiment 9th Btn B Coy. Born Slough 10 July 1895. Son of Frederick H and Rhoda E Stanley, Leafield Cottage/ Rylands, Gibsons Hill, UN. Grocers assistant. Lived 66a Queens Road UN. Fell Neuve Eglise France 14.7.1916.III A 6 Ration Farm (La Plus Douve) annexe.


STREET Sidney Cpl Middlesex Regt/London Regiment posted to 19th Btn. Husband of Gladys Dorothy Street Second son of Mr and Mrs Street 5 Lucerne Road TH.  Tobacconist. Res 82 Burlington Rd TH. Fell France 22.8.1918. Panel 8 9 Vis-en-Artois Memorial

TAPP Herbert Private 3378 age 37 Australian Pioneers 3rd Btn Plumber Son of Joseph and Emily Tapp of 50 Burlington Road TH Embarked Melbourne 4.8.1917 HMAT Themistocles Address: Third Avenue, Sefton Park, Adelaide, South Australia.Died 29.9.1918 II F 33 Templeux-le-Guerrard British Cemetery

TERRY Robert Joseph Atkinson Liutenant Colonel DSO MVO Age 45 Royal Sussex Regiment 2nd Btn attached as Brigade Major 2nd Infantry Bde  Husband of Kathleen A Terry of Kingslyn UN Only son of the late R and Rose Terry of Greysmeade, Eastbourne. Prior to the outbreak of war was Provost Marshal, Aldershot Commandant military mounted and foot police and officer in charge of records. Died 1.10.1915 I K 14 Noeux-les-Mines Communal Cemetery




VANSON R C Private 11367 age 29 The Queens (Royal West Surrey) Regiment Son of Richard and Alice Vanson 96 Livingstone Road TH Died 30.9.1918 XXIV E 25 Ljissenthoek Military Cemetery


WELLINGS Edward Josiah Sapper 73156 age 41 Royal Engineers East African Signal Base Depot Husband of Selina Wellings 80 Mersham Road TH Died 23.12.1917 6 H 10 Dar es Salaam War Cemetery

WEST Charles  A Private G/1480  Royal West Surrey Regiment 7th Btn. Pupil Ingram Road school TH. Fell 11.10.1915. I B 22 Norfolk Cemetery, Becordel-Becourt

WESTMORE L A 2nd Lt age 22 Hampshire Regt 1st Btn Son of Arthur Sydney and Gertrude Mary Westmore 9 Wimborne Road, Bournemouth. Exhibitioner at Wadham College, Oxford Died 1.7.1916 II 72 Sucrerie Military Cemetery, Colincamps (Only L Westmore listed on CWGC)

WHITE W -  either: Walter William WHITE Coy Sergeant Major MM 9 East Surrey Regiment Born 8 July 1873 Warehouseman of 27 Beauchamp Road UN. Served at Relief of Chitral 1895, Punjab and Tirah 1897 1898 and South Africa War. Re-enlisted 11 September 1914. Military Medal May 1916. Fell Delville Wood, Somme 1.9.1916.

or: William White Born 23 November 1897 Son of Mr and Mrs W White 9 Trafford Rd TH Clerk. Fell Ypres 14.8.1917.

WICKENDEN Stanley William Private G/50754 age 19 Middlesex Regt 17th Btn Son of Walter J Wickenden 131 Livingstone Road TH Died 28.4.1917 Bay 7 Arras Memorial

WILLIAMS Herbert Albert Private 51222 age 24 Royal Army Medical Corps 76th Field Ambulance Son of Mrs Mary Williams 130 Livingstone Road TH Died 26.10.1915 F1 Gunners Farm Military Cemetery

WILLSMORE Richard John Private 11575 East Surrey Regiment 7th Born 109 Queens Road Upper Norwood 21 June 1895. Pupil Rockmount. Son of W J and Alice Willsmore 225 Knights Hill WN. Garage cleaner lived 50 Queens Road UN. Fell Arras 9.4.1917. G7 Ste. Catherine British Cemetery

WRIGHT S F Possibly: Sidney Frederick Sapper  36789 Royal Engineers XXI Signal Corps Company. Res 26 Penrith Road TH  Parents listed as Mr and Mrs Frederick William Wright 193 Shakespeare Road, Herne Hill/ F W and Annie Wright of 120 Licensed Victuallers Benevolent Institution, Asylum Road, Peckham Died of dysentery at 19 General Hospital Alexandria 13.11.1918. E175 Alexndria (Chatby) War Memorial cemetery

WRIGHT William George (William Gerald on CWGC) Second Lieutenant Hants Regiment. Youngest son of William James and Catherine Mary Wright, Roycroft or Rycroft, Harold Road UN Fell France 7.6.1917. X III B 1Ljissenthoek Military Cemetery

YOUNG Frederick John Rifleman S/6305 age 29 Rifle Brigade D Coy 12th Btn Son of Caleb Richard and Mary Ann Young 13 Queens Road UN Died 12.2.1916 Panel 46 48 and 50 Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial

YOUNG James Henry S Rifleman 7606 age 27 Rifle Brigade D Coy 9th Btn  Son of Caleb Richard and Mary Ann Young 13 Queens Road UN Died 24.6.1915 Panel 46 48 and 50 Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial

(The parish boundaries of All Saints in the early 1900s covered a huge area which stretched from Green Lane, Norbury at one end and took in parts of Grange Road, Thornton Heath at the other. See All Saints Church UN and the parish which it served during the 19th century by Mrs Gilbert of 54 Crown Dale 1957, available on request UN joint library local studies and a map of the revised All Saints parish 1926 available Croydon LSL.)


The original memorial in Christ Church was destroyed in a huge fire in October 1982. A service on Friday August 4th 1916 listed 26 gallant men from the parish and congregation who have given their lives in the war and whose names were recorded in the Christ Church parish magazine dated July 1916. (See below). Five others were named in the magazine up to and including December 1916. The church currently has no further copies of the parish magazine until 1925.

ADAMS Thomas (Not listed in July 1916 magazine).

ALEXANDRE John William Sjt PS/130 Middlesex Regiment 16th Btn Husband of Annie J Alexandre of 27 Hawke Road UN, only son of Capt Alexandre of St Brelades Bay, Jersey. Died 4.2.1917. V.A. 29AIF Burial ground, Flers.

ALLEN Henry William Officers Steward 2nd Class RN 366101 HMS Vivid. Husband of E L Masters (formerly Allen) of 6 Princes St Devonport Naval Con, C 3795 Plymouth (Weston Mill) Cemetery

APERGIS Tasso Scott 2nd Lt London Regt 10th Btn (Queens Westminster Rifles) attd 16th Btn. Died 10.9.1916 Pier and Face 9D 9C 13C and 12 C Thiepval Memorial.

ASTON Archibald Malcolm Private 5913. age 27 East African Military Labour Corps Son of James Wilson Aston and Annie Harriett Aston of 8 Lunham Road UN. Died 30.10.1918 Y3 7426 Beckenham Crematorium.

ASTON James Perry (not listed in July 1916 magazine). Possibly buried Beckenham Crematorium.

ATKIN-BERRY Harold Harding Lieutenant Royal Navy HM S/M E26 Died 6.7.1916 11 Plymouth Naval Memorial

AYLWARD Sidney Victor Private 1440 The Queens (Royal West Surrey) Regiment 7th Btn  Died 2.7.1916 1 B 20 Heilly Station Cemetery Mericourt LAbbe. (Note: Only S V Aylward listed on CWGC).

BALLARD George Bernard Sjt 94516 Royal Field Artillery A Bty 52nd Bde Died 23.9.1917 H 1576 East Grinstead Old cemetery.

BASHFORD Archibald Pte 47298 age 24 Royal Fusiliers 8th Btn Son of William and Jane Bashford 99 Woodland Road UN Died 27/2/1917. III D 31 Fauborg DAmiens Cemetery, Arras.

BASHFORD George Frederick (served as Ashby) Rifleman 5240 age 19 Rifle Brigade 1st Btn Son of John William and Jane Bashford 99 Woodland Road UN Died 20.6.1915 Plot 1 Row K Grave 3 Ferme-Olivier Cemetery

BATTEN Levi Gunner 204201 age 34 Royal Garrison Artillery 1st Siege Bty. Husband of Sarah Minnie Batten, 26, Berridge Road, Gipsy Hill. Died 15.8.1917 Panel 9 Ypres (Menin Gate) memorial.

BILLINGS (or BILLING) Ernest Pte 10817 East Surrey Regt 9th Btn Son of E Billings of 2 Sainsbury Road UN Died 1.1.1917 II A I0 Philosophe British Cemetery, Mazingarbe.

BLACKWELL Frederick William Pte 121767 age 29 RAMC 33rd Casualty Clearing Station. Husband of A C Blackwell, 152 Gipsy Road, WN. Died 30.10.1918 Haifa War Cemetery.

BOGUE Patrick Yule 2nd Lt East Surrey Regiment 9th Btn Died 24.7.1917. IB 10 Dickebush New Military Cemetery extension.

BOILEAU Edward Bulmer Whicher Lt Age 20 Dorsetshire Regt 1st Btn Son of Capt and Mrs Thomas Boileau, 97 South Croxted Road, W Dulwich. Died 31.10.1918. III K 15 Cerisy-Gailly Military Cemetery.

BOMBERGER Paul Charles William Driver Age 18 Royal Field Artillery No 2 Depot 75503 Son of Charles and Louise Bomberger. Born Hammersmith. Died 20.2.1915 O CE 722 Preston (New Hall Lane) Cemetery

BRODERICK Herbert Thomas Lt age 24 London Regt 2nd/24th Btn Son of Herbert and Marian Broderick, 5 Minden Road, Anerley. Native of UN. Died 29.12.1917 R3 Jerusalem War Cemetery, Israel.

BROWNING Leicester Walter

BURBERRY/BURBERY  Thomas William Private 7732 South Lancashire Regiment 2nd Btn. Son of Mr and Mrs Emily Burberry 5 Troy Road UN Fell Vailly 20 September 1914 La Ferte-Sous-Jouarre Memorial *

BURT Hubert James

BUTLER Herbert Boyer

CAMPBELL Charles Duncan Miles Major MBE age 36 Royal Flying Corps. Husband of May Campbell of 13a Worbeck Road, Anerley. Son of Charles and Frances Campbell of Dalmally, Argyll and Norwood. Died 9.3.1918. S1 6576 Beckenham Crematorium.

CAWSON George Adrian 2nd Lt age 18 Royal Flying Corps 56th Squadron. Son of George and Phoebe Adelaide Cawson of Mayfield, Anerley, Surrey. Lived 4 Anerley Vale. Died 30.11.1917. Arras Flying Services Memorial.

CHAMBERS Victor Walter Cpl S3/028199 age 24 Army Services Corps/69th Field Battery Son of August and Amy Chambers of 36 Gipsy Hill UN Died 24.11.1918 C14 Pemba Cemetery.

CHAVE Stanley Lionel Lance Cpl 320339 age 22 London Regiment (City of London Rifles) 6th Btn. Son of Walter and Hannah Maria Chave of London. Died 21.5.1916. XXXI L2 Cabaret-Rouge British Cemetery Souchez.

CHILD Robert Vivyan Pte 14851 Age 20 East Surrey Regt B Coy 12th Btn. Youngest son of the late George Charles Child and of Blanche M Child (nee Puckle) of Homeland, Fleet Road, South Benfleet, Essex. Native of Smethwick, Staffs Died 15.9.1916. Sp. Mem. 13 Bulls Road Cemetery, Flers.



COOPER Albert*

COOPER Edward George

CRAMPTON Edward Walter (CWGC only lists an Edgar Walter Crampton no local connection given).

DILLON Charles Edward Maxwell 2nd Lt. age 33 Queens Own (Royal West Kent Regiment) 10th Btn. Son of the late E M Dillon LLQ Barrister. Born in London. Died 31.7.1917. VII A 48 Aeroplane Cemetery. At the unveiling of the memorial in October 1920 a separate memorial was also dedicated to the memory of Mr Dillon, who had been a churchwarden at Christ Church.


EDE Ernest Pte 2701 The Queens (Royal West Surrey Regt) Depot. G 7 15503 Croydon (Queens Road) Cemetery.

EMERY William

FAIRBAIRNS Joseph Maurice 2nd Lt age 21 Royal Field Artillery. B Echelon 8th Div Ammunition Col. Son of Thomas Richard and Elizabeth Jane Fairbairns of Dulwich. Died 20.8.1917 Poperinghe New Military Cemetery II H 22


FOGDEN Geoffrey Louis Adames Gunner 624628 age 19 Hon. Artillery 309th Siege Bty. Son of Harold John and Louisa Emma Fogden of 27 Beulah Road, Tunbridge Wells. Died 17.8.1917. Bard Cottage Cemetery IV.D.12

FOWLER Bernard Egerton

GOODMAN Joseph 47 listed on CWGC. No local connection given.

GRANT John Stewart five listed on CWGC. No local connection given.

GREEN Lionel Palmer Listed on the end of the original memorial 47 listed on CWGC

HARE Robert Stuart Maclaine Captain age 26 Essex Regiment 1st Btn Son of Lt Col Robert Powell Hare and Christian Sarah Hare of Bath Died 6.8.1915 Sp Mem C 100 Twelve Tree Copse Cemetery

HAYWARD Henry Cyril

HEYWORTH Wilfred Alexander 2nd Lt age 20 (The Kings) Liverpool Regt 5th Btn. Son of Harold O and Elsie G Heyworth of 1 Holland Park Mansions, Holland Park Gardens, London. Died 23.5.1916 III B 7 Douchy-les-Ayette British Cemetery.

HILTON George Henry Private age 23 27848 Kings Own Scottish Borderers 1st Btn Son of Ernest Hilton 1 Alexandra Cottages, Beardell Street, UN Died 28.1.1917 Pier and Face Thiepval memorial 4A and 4D.

HOBSON Andrew John Hay Lt age 25. West Yorkshire Regt (Prince of Waless Own) 8th Btn. Son of Annie Hobson, late of Legbourne Vicarage, South Lincs and the late Rev John P Hobson. Died 9.10.1917. Panel 42 to 47 and 162. Tyne Cot Memorial.

HORNUNG Charles Peter Son of Mr and Mrs Hornung of Annandale Fell Monday February 7th 1916 *

HUGHES Frederick Joseph

JAMES John  Sergeant/Serjeant Age 37 Royal Marines R M Div train RN Div Deal/1899(S) Husband of Selina Ann James of 3a Alexandra Cottages, Beardell Street UN Son of the late Daniel and Mary Ann James. Born at Hitchin Joined the Royal Naval Division at Crystal Palace early in the War. Invalided home from Egypt with enteric fever. Died Portland hospital 25.3.1916 SE CL X1B Hitchin Cemetery. Funeral at Hitchin conducted by Canon Joynt, Vicar of Christ Church.

JENNER Charles William

JENNER George Ivan Pte G/4192. East Surrey Regt 9th Btn. Died 16.8.1916 K3 Bernafay Wood British Cemetery. Montauban.

JESSON Frederick Reginald Pte 30112 Age 26 Royal Welsh Fusiliers 8th Btn. Son of Mrs Eleanor Jesson of 12 Woodland Road and the late William Jesson. Died 12.4.1919. IV C 8 Amara War Cemetery.

JOHNSON Charles Henry

KEMBLE John Lance Bombardier. 40155 age 21. Royal Garrison Artillery. 155th Siege Bty. Son of Mr JA and Mrs MA Kemble of 100 Woodland Road UN. Died 10.4.1918. Grave I E 3 Westhof Farm Cemetery.

KERSEY James Arthur

KETTLE Edward Sidney Rifleman 40129 age 19 Royal Irish Rifles 14th Btn. Son of Edward A and Louisa Kettle of Woodside, Salters Hill, UN Died 16.8.1917. Panel 138 to 140 and 162 to 162a and 163a Tyne Cot Memorial.

KING Charles Henry

KING Ernest Edward

KING Geoffrey Victor

LEWCOCK Sidney George Pte 39150 age 22. Lancashire Fusiliers 2nd/7th Btn Son of Arthur and Jane Louisa Lewcock of 19 Barnfield Road UN Died 17.1.1917 Panel 54 to 60 and 163a Tyne Cot Memorial.

LLOYD George

LLOYD Herbert

MAYFIELD William George Private age 21 East Surrey Regt B Coy 2nd Btn Son of William and Hannah Mayfield 92 Woodland Road UN 25.4.1915 Panel; 34 Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial

MEADE Richard John Philip.  Killed in the Dardanelles* See St Paul Penge.

MEREDITH Charles Edward Buchanan

MILLS Ernest Gilbert

MOORE Harold

ONGLEY William

PARSONS Frederick James


PETTIT Robert Richard Walter

PRIMROSE Nigel Captain MC age 28 Royal Field Artillery 64th Brigade Son of Alexander and Olivia Alice Primrose pof Mullinoor near Conoor, Nilgiris S India. Died 25.10.1918. VI B 46 Terlincthun British Cemetery, Wimille

PULLEY Albert George Private 9/1307 age 19. Queens Own (Royal West Kent) Regiment 7th Btn Son of Henry and Emily Pulley 53 Gipsy Hill Died 2.7.1916. Pier and Face 11C Thiepval Memorial.

PULLEY Edward Frank Gunner 70465 age 23 Royal Garrison Artillery 138th Heavy Bty. Son of A H and Emily Pulley of 53 Gipsy Hill UN Died 24.4.1918. Grave/Mem. Ref 24 Blangy-Tronville Communal Cemetery

PYM Edward Philip


RADFORD Victor Percy Private 10769 age 34 The Queens (Royal West Surrey) Regiment 11th Btn Son of James and Miriam Radford 27 Sainsbury Rd UN Died 16.11.1916 X.C.9A Lijssenthoek Military Cemetery. (Listed as Percy Victor on CWGC).

ROBINSON Francis Bertram

RUBLEY William. Woodland Road Died in a Dublin military hospital February 1916

RUMPH George Edward Possibly: George Ernest Edward Rumph Rifleman R/38144 Kings Royal Rifle Corps 12th Btn Died 31.5.1917 Bay 7 Arras Memorial.


SALMON Frederick Charles 2nd Lt age 22 RAF 97th Squadron Son of George and Annie Martha Salmon of 38 Sainsbury Rd UN Died 1.5.1919 T7 7933 Beckenham Crematorium.

SCHLUMBERGER Paul (or Schumberger)

SNELL Edward Ernest Burnett Pte 4891 age 38 London Regiment (Royal Fusiliers) 4th Btn. Husband of Florence Burnett Snell, 48 St Julians Farm Road, WN Died 9.9.1916.XII N3 Guillemont Road Cemetery, Guillemont.

SPENCER Richard Isaac Barre 2nd Lt age 27 Royal Scots Fusiliers 7th Btn and D Coy 1st Btn Son of William Isaac Spencer and Henrietta Whitmore, his wife, of 1 Hawke Road UN. Died 14.7.1916. Sp Mem 4 Flatiron Copse Mametz.

SPINK Hugh Octavius The Rev. age 38 Chaplain 4th Class Army Chaplains Dept 55th (West Lancs) Div Son of Joseph Simeon Spink and Lucy Dorothea Spink. Previously wounded several times. Native of Dulwich, London. II D 46 Dive Copse British Cemetery, Sailly-le-Sec.

TAYLOR Frank Allen

TEBBIT Hugh Edgar Private 5164 age 27 Honourable Artillery Company 2nd Btn Son of Mr and Mrs S J Tebbit of Gipsy Hill, London. Died 1.12.1916 VIII C 10 Contay British Cemetery, Contay.

TERRY William John Private L/9927Born Norwood New Town 8 January 1893. The Queens (Royal West Surrey) Regiment 2nd Btn. Errand Boy Res: 55 Eagle Hill NNT Son of William and Charlotte Terry 17 Crystal Terrace NNT Fell Ypres 21 October 1914 Panel 11 to 13 and 14 Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial

THOMAS Cyril Albert William


TOMLIN Geoffrey Not listed on CWGC website.*

TURNER John Henry William Lance Cpl G/61865 age 26 Royal Fusiliers 10th Btn Husband of Lilian R Turner 13 Carberry Rd UN Died 14.4.1917 III J 17 Duisans British Cemetery, Etrun.

TYRRELL Harry Rifleman R/32951 age 33 Kings Royal Rifle Corps 12th Btn. Husband of DF Tyrrell, 22 Barnfield Road, Gipsy Hill Died 27.2.1917 Pier and Face 13A and 13B Thiepval Memorial.

WILLIAMS Colin Ernest

WILLIAMS Frederick

WILLIAMS Horace George

YATES Charles Leading Seaman K8/187 age 22 RNVR Nelson Btn RN Div Husband of Mrs Webb (formerly Yates) of 62 Gipsy Hill. Son of Mr and Mrs Yates of Yorks. Died 6.5.1917. D1 Ste. Catherine British Cemetery.

Note: The five names marked with an asterisk were among 26 men from the parish and congregation whose names were read out at the service on August 4th 1916 but whose names do not appear to have featured in the memorial which was unveiled in October 1920, .

(Christ Church boundaries: Along the south side of Gipsy Road, up Salters Hill then along Central Hill north side across to Westow Hill and up to where the roundabout at the junctions of Crystal Palace Parade/Anerley Hill/Church Road and Westow Hill stood, down Farquhar Road to the railway line then along Colby Road to Gipsy Hill, then down Gipsy Hill to its corner with Gipsy Road.)


BARNES William Joseph (Possibly) Private 683063 age 18 London Regiment 1st/22nd Btn Son of Mrs M J Barnes 100 Pendevon Rd W Croydon. Died 7.6.1917 Panels 52 to 54 Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial

BEAMS Frederick James Private CH/14035 Royal Marine Light Infantry HMS Formidable CH/14035 1.1.1915 Grave/Memorial Reference 13 Chatham Naval memorial


BELLAMY George Warrington Private age 22  The Queens (Royal West Kent) Regiment C Coy 7th Btn Born 1894. Only son of Mr and Mrs Joseph Bellamy 11 Hamilton Road TH/ 7 Elmcourt Road WN Fell July 1 1916 VIII 0.10 Dantzig Alley British Cemetery Mametz

BOND Albert George Private age 17 The Queens (Royal West Surrey) Regiment 2nd/4th Btn Fishmongers assistant. Born 2 Albion Mews SN 7 Jan 1898. Son of Albert George and Amy Louisa Bond 3 South Vale UN / 62 Prospect Road Upper Sydenham. Fell Dardanelles 9.8.1915 II G 10 Green Hill Cemetery

BOUGHTON A see All Saints

BOUGHTON S H see All Saints

BROMLEY William Collingham Lance Cpl Royal Fusiliers Born Norwood New Town December 12 1886 Policeman. Fell Somme July 1 1916




COCKRAM A see All Saints and Upper Norwood Sorting Office

COOPER C Possibly: Private The Queens (Royal West Surrey) Regiment 3/4 Fell 1916


COX William Rifleman 11489 Kings Royal Rifle Corps 2nd Btn Died 10.3.1915 Panel 32 and 33 Le Touret Memorial


DELVAILLE Stanley Hilton Lance Cpl 2240 The Queens (Royal West Surrey) 4th (or 2nd) Btn. Died 14.5.1916 F1 8881 Croydon (Mitcham Road) Cemetery

DENNIS F see All Saints

EAGLES G see All Saints

EAGLES J see All Saints



FUTCHER George Henry age 25 K/20913 Stoker 1st Class Royal Navy HMS Edgar Son of Eliza Smith 62 Old Paradise Street Lambeth Walk, Kennington Ref: 15 Plymouth Naval memorial

GAVED William Charles Private 69005 age 18 The Queens (Royal West Surrey) Regiment1st Btn Son of Edward John and Jennie Gaved 85 Moffat Road TH III B 5 Pigeon Ravine Cemetery Epehy


HARRIS S see All Saints

HILL S G Gunner 48949 Royal Garrison Artillery 15th Siege Bty Fell 28.9.1917 1917 II C 10 Tincourt New British Cemetery

HOCKHAM S Rifleman S/16 age 31 Rifle Brigade 10th Btn Son of Stephen Hockham of 22 Eagle Hill UN Died 25.8.1916 D 2 14551 Croydon (Queens Road) Cemetery

HORN George Albert Private 17337 Royal Berkshire Regiment 6th Btn Fell 10.8.1917 Panel 45 Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial

HORN Thomas Private 9716 Durham Light Infantry 2nd Btn. Born Norwood New Town 14 September 1885 Railway porter. Res 14 Bradford Road, Sydenham. Enlisted 4.8.1914. Fell France 21.9.1914. La Ferte-sous-Jouarre memorial. (Note: Listed as Horn T on CWGC website; listed as Thorn T in Moore/Sayers.)

HORNABROOK R KELLY Lance Cpl 21142 age 22 East Surrey Regiment. Teacher at Rockmount Road. Son of William James and Emily Hornabrook, Alfred Road, Farnham. Died 30.11.1917 Panel 6 Cambrai Memorial, Louverval





LEWCOCK William John Rifleman 32090 age 28 London Regiment (City of London Rifles) 2nd/6th Btn. Husband of the late Esther Lewcock. Son of William and Elizabeth Lewcock 16 South Vale Died 21.5.1917. Bay 9 and 10 Arras Memorial



MAJOR Henry Able Seaman Z/534 age 20 Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve Hove Btn Z/534 Son of Mrs E J Major 185 Peabody Buildings Cambridge Circus, Hackney Road Died 4 September 1915 at Bombay Presidency general hospital from dysentery and wounds received in action 12.5.1915. H 60 Alexandria (Chatby) Military and War Memorial Cemetery

MARTIN Francis Henry Private The Queens (Royal West Surrey) Regiment. Born Eagle Hill UN 18 September 1876. Married Lather and painter. Lived 7 Naseby Road. Wounded Somme July 1916. Died of wounds 12.10.1918 (The CWGC website lists a Francis Harry Martin whose parents lived in Oxford Road).


MATES Thomas St George The Queens (Royal West Surrey) Regiment.1st Btn Born Victory Place UN Son of Mr and Mrs Mates 59 Ridsdale Road Anerley. Shoemaker. Res: 30 Eagle Hill. Previously served 13 years in Army. Died 6.11.1914 in a German POW camp of wounds received in Ypres. V C 7 Messines Ridge British Cemetery


MORETON R see All Saints



PREDDY H V see All Saints



RUSSELL C F see All Saints


SATCHELL W J see All Saints



SIMPSON George Rifleman S/1110 age 30 Rifle Brigade 8th Btn. Born 16 Naseby Road August 16 1888. Carman Res: 25 Eagle Hill Husband of E Mills (formerly Simpson) of 43 Stanbury Road Peckham Son of Mr and Mrs Simpson of 9 Eagle Hill. . Fell near Poperinghe 18.10.1917. XXIV A 17 Lijssenthoek Military Cemetery

SIMPSON L Private Gloucester Regiment 12th Btn 36004 Died 28/7/1918 I F 34 Terlincthun British cemetery Wimille



STANLEY F E see All Saints



STEVENS James Alfred Private L/11301 age 21 The Queens (Royal West Surrey) Regiment 7th Btn. Labourer Born 5 Naseby Road 10 October 1894. Son of James and Sarah Stevens of 5 Naseby Road Fell France 28.9.1916 XI B 1 Connaught Cemetery Thiepval


TERRY W J see Christ Church, Gipsy Hill

TOMKINS Albert Private born 10 July 1891 Carman. Res 6 Dover Road NNT. Born at 44 Eagle Hill NNT. Parents Mr and Mrs E Tomkins 10 Crystal Terrace NNT. Fell France 14.5.1915

TOWNSEND John Private G/1305 The Queens (Royal West Surrey) Regiment 7th Btn. Pier and Face 5D to 6D Thiepval Memorial



WILLSMORE R see All Saints

WOOD F J Private 40289 3/4 Suffolk Regiment 9th Btn. Died of wounds 22.12.1916 D 734514 Croydon (Queens Road) Cemetery




In what is now the Greek Orthodox Church of St Constantine and St Helen on Westow Street there is a memorial tablet to 12 men who worshipped in the building when it was St Andrews Presbyterian Church and who died during the Great War (or First World War). Their grave, and/or the memorial on which their name appears, is given at the end.

Those named are:

STANLEY CHITTELL Private 1464 age 27 Royal Fusiliers 10th Battalion. Enlisted June 1915.Died 2nd May 1916 while on listening post duty at Arras. Son of Mr and Mrs J Chittell of 74 Westow Street. E 13 Berles-au-Bois churchyard extension.

PATRICK GORDON HENDERSON Second Lieutenant, Duke of Wellingtons (West Riding Regiment) 2nd Battalion.. Aged 19 and a half. Born Aberdeen 28th November 1898. Son of Mr and Mrs A Duff Henderson of Fernwood, Lawrie Park Avenue, Sydenham. His name also appears on the memorial in St Bartholomews Church, Sydenham. Died on 2nd May 1918 at Netley hospital, Hampshire of wounds received in France 15th April 1918.  sec G Grave 366 Lewisham (Ladywell) Cemetery / Loos memorial. Note: September 2010 The Commonwealth War Graves Commission says 2nd Lt Hendersons grave has recently been discovered in Lewisham (Ladywell) Cemetery. His name also appears on the memorial in St Bartholomews church, Sydenham.

ALEC CLARKSON MACLEAN Lieutenant age 34 Royal Engineers 296th Railway Company. Husband of Ruth N Davison Maclean (nee Wright) of Hawthorns, 11, Sylvan Hill, Norwood. Son of General H J Maclean, Rifle Brigade and Mrs McLean.Enlisted November 1915. Died 9th April 1918. Killed by shrapnel near the Nieppe Forest, while repairing the railway track under heavy fire in order to save one of the big guns which had got cut off. E19 Haverskerque British cemetery.

WILLIAM HAROLD (or HARROD) MARTIN B.A. Second Lieutenant, age 26.London Regiment 24th Battalion. Born Upper Norwood. 1890. Son of  Herbert James and Grace Miriam Martin of Upper Norwood / 2 The Highway, Sutton. Died 14th September 1916 in action near High Wood. III G I Flatiron Copse Cemetery, Mametz.

MARCUS McGREGOR. Second Lieutenant, age 40.Cheshire Regiment 3rd Battalion attached 2nd Battalion. Born 1873. Son of Josiah (or Joseph) and Fanny McGregor of Glengyle, 45 Victoria Road, Upper Norwood. Gazetted September 1914. Killed in the Hohenzollern Redoubt while in command of his men. Died 3 October 1915. Panel 49 and 50 Loos Memorial.

RONALD MALCOLM McGREGOR. 2nd Lt age 26 Cheshire Regiment 2nd Btn. Born 1889. Son of Josiah (or Joseph) McGregor MICE and Fanny McGregor. (same address as above). Gazetted January 1915 on his return home from the Argentine. Shot by a sniper near Ypres while serving out ammunition to his men. Died Flanders 25th May 1915 a week from the time of his leaving home. Panel 19 22. Ypres (Menin Gate) memorial.

JOHN LEISHMAN MITCHELL. Second Lieutenant. age 19 and a half. London Regiment (London Irish Rifles). 18th Battalion. Enlisted in Artists Rifles in October 1915.. Born 1897.Son of Adam Hunter Mitchell and Margaret Leishman Mitchell of Hurley House, Belvedere Road, Upper Norwood. Died 4th June 1917 of wounds received at Bullecourt, France 24th May 1917. III A 19 Abbeville communal cemetery extension.

EDWARD HOERNLE PIPER. Lieutenant age 19 Royal Air Force 57th Squadron. Son of Dr and Mrs Charles C Piper of Aleppo. Enlisted September 1916. Served as a pilot from November 1917 to May 15, 1918 when it is believed he was killed with his observer in a crash over the German lines near Carnoy. Died 15th May 1918. Sp Mem 9 Carnoy military cemetery.

PATRICK JOHN GORDON POWELL.  Lieutenant age 21. Royal Flying Corps 13th Squadron. (Secondary regiment Army Service Corps). Son of Mr and Mrs F W Powell. Had several narrow escapes when taking photographs of German gun positions, his plane being shot through on more than one occasion. Reported missing 2nd April 1917.  In August 1918 the German Red Cross reported he and his observer had been killed and were buried at Willevel. Arras Flying Services memorial.

FRANCIS WATSON ROBARTS Second Lieutenant, Age 33. London Regiment. (London Scottish). 14th Battalion. Born Woodford, Essex March 5th 1882. Son of Nathaniel Francis and Margaret Elizabeth Robarts of 23, Oliver Grove, South Norwood. Enlisted September 1914. Died 13 October 1915 in his first regular engagement while leading his platoon in an attack on the German lines near the Lens-La Bassee Road. Sp Mem 14 Dud Corner cemetery, Loos.

He is recorded variously as Superintendent of the New Town Sunday school by one source and Sunday school teacher 1906-9/Superintendent 1911/15 in a book on the history of St Andrews called The Candlestick which states: Keen and faithful at all his work and simply beloved by children.

JAMES SMITH. Sergeant, Seaforth Highlanders. (Listed as Lance Serjeant on the CWGC website). Son of Mr W M and Mrs J D Smith of Lundie Castle near Dundee. Enlisted September 1914. Wounded August 3rd 1917 and died in hospital at Wimereux August 7th 1917. Wimereux Communal Cemetery.

JOSEPH H TURNER MC  Second Lieutenant. age 25 Queens Own (Royal West Kent Regiment).Enlisted in West Kent Yeomanry. Born 1898. Husband of R H Turner (nee Russell) of St Abbs, 51, South Norwood Hill (home of wifes parents). Wounded at St Quentin on 21st September dying the same day.  (1915 in the St Andrews brochure, 1918 on the CWGC website). I D 22 Doingt communal cemetery extension.

The tablet is a solid bronze tablet on a marble background. The sources for the information above are: Croydon Advertiser of Saturday May 15th 1920 which contains a report of the tablets unveiling; a brochure of the unveiling of the plaque on Friday May 7th 1920 by Major-General The Very Rev J M Simms, principal chaplain with the British Army in the field 1914-1920;  Croydon and the Great War (together with the Croydon roll of honour) ed. by Alderman H Keatley Moore and W C Berwick Sayers; and the Commonwealth War Graves Commission website.

The brochure lists all those linked with the church who served during the Great War including a Miss Frances D McGregor, Queen Marys Army Auxiliary Corps. Among the list of subscribers to the brochure is a Mrs Jane Smith. Whether they have any connection to those listed above I am unable to say.



AINGER Robert Private 201366 age 32 Sherwood Foresters (Notts and Derby Regiment) 1st/5th Btn 201366. Son of Isiah and Mary Ainger, East Lodge, Sherwood Lodge, Arnold, Notts. Died 1.7.1916. Pier and Face 10C 10D and 11A Thiepval memorial.

ALLEN Sidney

BEST Thomas

BONCKER Barry Robert 2nd Lt. age 19 East Yorkshire Regiment 1st Btn. Lived 12 Upper Grove SN Clerk, National Bank of South Africa. Born 23 Farquhar Road.Son of Frederic and Violet Boncker 35 Whitworth Road SN / 70 Auckland Road UN. Photo in M/S plate 1V.5 Fell Fricourt Died 1.7.1916. Pier and Face 2C Thiepval Memorial.

BRAGG Eric Winsley Bragg Lt RAF Born Manchester 1895. Son of Mr and Mrs H Bragg 64 Auckland Road. Enlisted 3 London Scottish. Invalided out of Army as result of wounds. Re-enlisted in RAF. Killed October 1918 at East Fortune airship station, Edinburgh crashing while setting out on bombing raid over German fleet. Not listed on CWGC.

BUCKNALL Marc Anthony/Antony 2nd Lt Age 26. Duke of Cornwalls Light Infantry. Son of the Rev M A and Mrs L A Bucknall of St Winnow Vicarage, Lostwithiel, Cornwall. Died 6.3.1917 VI B 31 Dernancourt Communal Cemetery extension

BURTENSHAW Ernest Rifleman age 19 London Regiment (City of London Rifles) 6th Btn (secondary Regiment Canadian Engineers). Son of Mr C F and Mrs A Burtenshaw of 51 The Drive, TH. Died 22.12.1916. II C 26 La Clytte Military Cemetery.

CARD Harry C Private age 19 The Queens (Royal West Surrey) Regiment 7th Btn. Son of Mr J and Mrs Jemima Card of 67 St Saviours Road, Croydon. Died France 1.7.1916. Pier and Face 5D and 6D Thiepval Memorial.



CUTBILL Reginald

DORMAN Decimus

DORMAN Godfrey

EDWIN Harry Ernest Edwin Private age 18 London Regiment 2nd/10th Btn. 426407 Son of Edmund Walter and Alice Emily Edwin of 14 The Retreat TH Died 28.8.1918 Panel 10 Vis- En Artois Memorial

EVANS Courtney/Courtenay

EVANS Douglas Lane Captain age 21 Born TH 13 July 1895 Northants Regiment 6th Btn Son of Mr and Mrs Frederick Charles Evans and Mary Evans 369 London Road TH Died of wounds 26.9.1916. 1 B 13Varennes Military Cemetery.

EYRE Wilfred

FORSYTH William Irving. Private age 38 Canadian Mounted Rifles Former resident TH Husband of Ellen M Forsyth of 61 Waddon New Road Croydon Son of William and Emily Forsyth.Fell 27.8.1918. 1V G 10 Feuchy Chapel British Cemetery Wancourt

FOSTER Geoffrey Charles Private 51516 Machine Gun Corps 6th Squadron (Cavalry) Enlisted Essex Yeomanry September 1914 Fell Monchy 11.4.1917 Bay 10 Arras Memorial


GREEN Charles Layton 2nd Lt age 24 Royal Flying Corps 53rd Squadron; Secondary Regt Essex Regt 11th Btn. Born 1893. Essex Regiment (attached Royal Flying Corps) Eldest son of Dr and Mrs Green, Woodside. (Dr Edward Green of Palace Court hotel, 12 Pembridge Square, Paddington) Entered Guys as a medical student. Enlisted 1st Sportsmans Btn. Transferred to RAFC 1916. Killed in flying accident 9.6.1917. III C 83 Bailleul Communal Cemetery Extension (Nord)


HOWSE Basil Thomas 2nd Lt age 20. Royal Field Artillery C Bty 99th Bde Son of Francis and Bessie Howse of 112a Holland Road, Kensington. Died 18.9.1916 O.13 Salonika (Lembet Road) Military Cemetery.

LORIE Arnold 2nd Lt age 23. New Zealander. Auckland Regiment NZEF 6th (Hauraki) Coy. 3rd Btn. Mentioned in dispatches. Died 28.12.1917. Buttes New British Cemetery (New Zealand) Memorial. Polygon Wood. (Only Arnold Lorie listed on CWGC website).

MARE Arthur Llewellyn Major age 22. Royal Field Artillery 33rd Bde Son of Charles Dennis Mare and Mary Llewellyn Mare. Died 27.5.1918. Soissons Memorial.

NAPIER Robert Murray Lennox Captain age 25 Cameron Highlanders 2nd Btn attached E Coy 1st Btn. Son of Emily Norrie Napier of 68 Knightsbridge, London and the late Major Robert F L Napier (Cameron Highlanders). Died 28.7.1916. IV D 3 Lebucquiere Communal Cemetery extension.

PERRY Douglas (No Douglas Perry on CWGC website)

POOLE Bernard

SNELGROVE Henry John Rifleman 323374 age 20. Born 1897 London Regiment (City of London) Rifles 1st/6th Btn. 32 3374 Enlisted The Queens (Royal West Surrey) Regiment October 1914. Went to France with the London Regiment August 1916. Son of John and Ellen Snelgrove 10 Thirsk Road SN Fell 30.11.1917. Panel 11 Cambrai Memorial Louverval.



TOWLER William James Private age 22 Middlesex Regiment A Coy 1st Btn. Son of James and Jane Towler 69 Palace Road UN Died 2.11.1916. II F 22 Grove Town Cemetery Meaulte.



WARD Peter


WEITZMANN Cecil Gothet (or Goblet) age 31 2nd Lt S Staff Regiment. Son of Gustav Hubert and Sarah Mary Weitzmann Miraflor Upper Norwood/ Kingston, Jamaica. Fell France 25.9.1915 I.38 Fouquieres Churchyard extension.

WINSTONE William Ernest Private G/27434 age 36 Middlesex Regiment 13th Btn. Master packer Res 61 Crowther Road SN Husband of Ada Frances Winstone of 72 Auckland Road UN Son of George and Mary Ann Winstone, New Southgate. Fell east of Ypres 24.8.1917. Panel 113 to 115 Tyne Cot Memorial.



(Note: PWM indicates the same name is also on Penge War Memorial.)

ADAMS Abraham Lance Cpl/ Rifleman  5/3371 Kings Royal Rifle Corps 1st Btn Lived 41 St Hughs Road Fell France 1.7.1916 11 D 13 Zouave Valley cemetery, Souchez (PWM)

ALCOCK James Thomas Pte 160592 Canadian Infantry, Alberta Regt 31st Bty Lived 73 Palace Road Fell France 27.9.1916 V111 C 9 Adanac Military Cemetery, Miraumont (PWM)

ANDERSON B A Penge Roll of Honour lists a Basil Arthur Anderson MC 2nd Lt Oxford and Bucks Light Infantry 27 Lullington Road, wounded twice but not listed as having fallen. CWGC lists Basil Arthur Anderson MC Capt age 21 Oxford and Bucks Light Infantry 5th Btn, husband of Molly Anderson 143 High Street, Ryde Isle of Wight Son of Hugh and Nellie Anderson, Born Newcastle, Natal, South Africa, died 21.3.1918 111 F 14 Grand-Seraucourt British Cemetery

BARRETT E (47 possible matches on CWGC website. No local connections).

BARRETT W T (six possible matches on CWGC website. No local connections).

BAYNES Albert E Serjeant Machine Gun Corps (Infantry) 37th. Lived 43 St Hughs Road Died 28.9.1918. II B 15 Unicorn Cemetery VendHuile (PWM)

BELL A B Private. age 19. Canadian Machine Gun Corps 2nd Btn. 276584 Son of the late Mr and Mrs R H Bell of Grenfell, Saskatchewan. Died 28.8.1918. D21 Sun Quarry Cemetery, Cherisy

BIRDSEYE Douglas Martin 2nd Lt South Staffordshire Regiment 8th Btn Lived 7 Anerley Park Wounded during bomb practice. Died 10.2.1917. I C 23 Guards Cemetery, Combles (PWM)

BRADDY G R J. CWGC website lists George Braddy (no middle initials) Pte 9433 East Yorkshire Regiment. Died  14.7.1916.Pier and Face 2 Thiepval Memorial

BRIGDEN James George Pte 18621 Grenadier Guards 3rd Btn. Died 27.11.1917 Panel 2 Cambrai Memorial, Louverval.

BROCK W. (a Brock W is also listed on the memorial at All Saints.)

BROMLEY H F G (15 H Bromley on CWGC website. No local connection listed.)

BRUNDRITT Norman William Pte 5843 age 23. London Regiment 7th Btn Son of Frederick George and Alice Jane Brundritt of 79 Dukes Road, Southampton.Listed under North Surrey District School in Penge Roll of Honour. Died 29.5.1916. 78 B 169 Southampton Old Cemetery. Only Brundritt listed on CWGC website. (PWM)

BUZZARD W (Two Buzzards listed. No local connection given.)

CANNON T M (11 T Cannons listed. No local connection given.)

CARROLL J P Gunner RMA/15501 age 20 Royal Marine Artillery HQ (Eastney) Son of Patrick and Maria Carroll of 11 Thicket Wood Chambers. Died 8.7.1918 B 15 2 Haslar Royal Naval Cemetery

CLARK A R T (15 A R Clarks listed No local connection given) (PWM)

CLARK C W Gunner 41138 Royal Field Artillery. Husband of E E Clark 24 St Hughs Road, Anerley. Died 13.10.1918. 1 A 4 Naves Communal Cemetery extension. (PWM)

COLE William Maurice MC 2nd Lt age 20 Leicestershire Regiment 1st/5th Btn. Son of William George and Lydia Mary Cole of 5 Anerley Park, Anerley. Attended Merchant Taylors school, Charterhouse Square. Arrived in France with the Artists Rifles February 1916. Died 29.6.1918. V D 2 Pernes British Cemetery (PWM)

COLLIS Walter E Lance Cpl 512 age 36 East Surrey 1st Btn Lived 64 St Hughs Road, Anerley. Husband of Maud M Johnson (formerly Collis) 4 Dingley Square, Skinner Street, Gillingham 7.7.1916 W5.7099 (PWM)

COOPER G H (25 possible matches. No local connection given.)

COZENS Jesse Gerald Clement Private. 4702 age 19. London Regiment (Prince of Wales Own Civil Service Rifles). 1st/15th Btn. Son of Jesse Henry and Maud Mary Cozens of 12 Thicket Road. Died 15.9.1916. Pier and Face 13C Thiepval Memorial Listed as Isaac Gerald Clem. in Penge Roll of Honour.(PWM)

CREEK A C Able Seaman Z/2950 age 19 Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve. HMS Partridge London. Son of Mr and Mrs F Creek of Walsingham, Athelston Road, Harold Wood, Essex. Died 12.12.1917 III A Col 1 16 Fredrikstad Military Cemetery

CURTIS Arthur Ellwood Private 9/1427 The Queens (Royal West Surrey) Regt 7th Btn Lived 65 Palace Road UN Son of Thomas and Isabel Grosvenor Avenue, Richmond, Surrey Died 1.7.1916 V111 Q 5 Danzig Alley British Cemetery, Mametz. Fell France. (PWM)

DRAKE-BROCKMAN Paris Villiers 2nd Lt age 19 The Buffs (East Kent Regiment) 1st Btn. Son of Paris Frederick and Isabel Alice Drake-Brockman, 3 Cintra Park UN. Died 18.7.1918. II B 7 Abeele Aerodrome Military Cemetery

DUCKLING Edward John Sapper 9443 age 25 Australian Engineers 11th Field Coy. Carpenter Son of John and Sarah Duckling. Native of England. Died 9.6.1917 IV B 8 Strand Military Cemetery. Australias embarkation roll  says he embarked from Adelaide on 31.5.1916 on HMAT Suevic; gives his mothers name as Sarah Duckling of Ozanne St, Paddington, Brisbane, Queensland.

EASTALL Reginald Reggie Private age 19 East Surrey Regiment 1st Btn. Son of Robert William Eastall of 3 Anerley Grove UN and the late Eleanor Eastall, Died 20.4.1915 Panel 34 Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial. R H Eastall in Penge and Anerley Press report. Reginald Harry Eastall of 1 Anerley Grove in Penge Roll of Honour (PWM)

FISK Alfred George Private  (PWM)

FOWLER G S Private East Surrey Regiment 50318 3rd Btn. Died 4.4.1919. Screen Wall X6 3.7919 Beckenham Crematorium

GIBBINS W J Private. London Regiment. (Royal Fusiliers) posted to 2nd/2nd Btn. 82846 Died 18.9.1918. I E 10 Epehy Wood Farm Cemetery. (PWM)

GILLARD Charles Private. age 26 The Queens B Coy 8th Btn Husband of E Gillard of 52 East Dulwich Road. Son of Eliza Gillard of Anerley. Died 15.4.1917 1 L 44 Maroc British Cemetery, Grenay

GREEN Ernest James Private 34966 age 24 Royal Fusiliers 8th Btn  Son of the late Samuel and Sarah Elizabeth Green of 3 Brunswick Place UN Died 2.10.1916 Pier and Face 8C 9A and 16A Thiepval memorial. (PWM)

GULLESS William James Gunner 21139 Royal Garrison Artillery 11th Siege Bty Lived 43 Ridsdale Road, Anerley Died 11.8.1918 II L12 Adelaide Cemetery Villers-Bretonneux (PWM)

HALES William Richard Edwin Lance Corporal 20905 Royal Fusiliers 32nd Btn. Died 4.10.1916 Pier and Face 8C 9A and 16A Thiepval Memorial

HALLIDAY James Armstrong Private 63154 age 40 Suffolk Regiment 4th Btn. Husband of Amy Elizabeth Halliday of 136 Anerley Road (Arpley Road on CWGC). Son of the late John and Margaret Halliday. Died 28.9.1918 Panel 40 to 41 and 162 to 162 A Tyne Cot Memorial.(PWM)

HANNA Douglas Murray Captain age 43 Royal Berkshire Regt 8th Btn Lived 31 Anerley Park. Son of Henry and Jessie G Hanna of London. Died Loos 25.9.1915. III K 16 Dud Corner Cemetery, Loos (PWM)

HENLEY Herman. Sapper 96628 age 22 Royal Engineers 6th Div. Signal Coy. Native of Norwood. Son of Edward and Emma Henley of 1 Luttington (Lullington?) Road, Anerley. Mentioned in Dispatches. Died 28.9.1916 XI C 9 Etaples Military Cemetery (PWM)

HILL Frederick James Rifleman 333 age 29 London Regiment (London Rifle Brigade) 5th Btn. Son of Mr and Mrs Sidney Frederick Hill of Norwood. Lived 28 Belvedere Road UN Died 28.6.1916 Div 19.99.3 Ste. Marie Cemetery Le Havre (PWM)

HILL J A (17 J A Hills listed. No local connection given.)

HOLMAN Frederick Gunner age 21 Royal Garrison Artillery 242nd Siege Bty 163820. Son of Frederick and Rosina Holman of 74 St Hughs Road Lived same address.Died 29.5.1918 I C 23 Caestre Military Cemetery (PWM)

HOLT Charles George Private age 34 Gloucestershire Regt 1st Btn 34563 Son of Charles and Emma Holt 31 Cintra Park I C 4 Pernes British Cemetery

HOUCHEN Henry Augustus Private 267355 age 36 W Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Waless Own) 10th Btn. Lived 38 or 42 Ridsdale Road Son of Mrs Charlotte Houchen 60 St Julians Farm Road WN Died 22.3.1918 Bay 4 Arras Memorial (PWM)


HUGHES Edward Erasmus Vaughan Private 202093 age 36 Queens Own (Royal West Kent) Regiment 2nd/4th Btn. Husband of Edith Hughes 10 Palace Road. Died 8.5.1917 XXX E 12 Gaza War Cemetery

HUMPHREYS Albert Edward Private Royal West Kent Died 9.4.1917 (CWGC lists an A Humphreys Pte 203324 London Regt (Royal Fusiliers) 1st Btn died the same day. II B 16 London Cemetery Neuville-Vitasse) (PWM)

IRONSIDE Douglas William Private 30644 age 23 East Surrey Regiment 1st Btn. Son of Edward and Alice Ironside 23 Cintra Park UN Lived same address Died 8.5.1917 Bay 6 Arras Memorial

ISAACSON F R Private 11596 age 22 The Queens (Royal West Surrey) Regiment. Born Anerley. Son of Robert William and Emma Jane Isaacson of 17 St Hughs Road Died Messines 8.6.1917. X V I I Lijssenthoek Military Cemetery

ISAACSON George Leading Signalman Royal Navy J/6826. age 22  HMS Invincible. Son of Robert William and Emma Jane Isaacson of 17 St Hughs Road, Anerley Died 31.5.1916 Ref 14 Portsmouth Naval Memorial (PWM)

JACKSON A J (10 A J Jacksons listed on CWGC. No local connections given.)

JACKSON Laurence Private 9160978 Royal Fusiliers 17th Btn Lived 3 Ridsdale Road, Anerley 24.3.1918 Bay 3 Arras Memorial. (PWM)

JONES Richard Basil Brandram Lieutenant VC age 19 The Loyal North Lancashire Regiment 8th Btn Lived 2 Thicket Road Son of Henry Thomas Brandram Jones and Caroline Emma Jones, same address. Died 21.5.1916 Bay 7 Arras Memorial. (PWM)


LAVERICK Cecil Ebeneezer Driver 155915. age 21. Royal Field Artillery B Bty 282nd Army Brigade. Son of George May and Priscilla Clara Laverick 3 Seymour Villas, Anerley Died 13.9.1917 I D 19 Divisional Collecting Post Cemetery and extension

LEWENDON Charles James Bombardier 810266 age 25 Royal Field Artillery A Bty 232nd Bde  Son of Charles and Louisa Maud Lewendon of 4 St Hughs Road, Anerley.Lived same address Died 22.9.1917 VIII I 36 Boulogne Eastern Cemetery

LIBRETTO Edward James Private age 30 Suffolk Regiment 4th Btn 202505. Husband of Alice Gertrude Libretto 65 Ridsdale Road, Anerley. Son of Luigi and Polly Libretto 14 Hawthorn Grove, Penge. Died 26.9.1917 Panel 40 to 41 and 162 to 162A Tyne Cot Memorial.

LIPSCOMBE/ Lipscomb William Henry Private age 26 Machine Gun Corps (Infantry) 122nd Coy. Lived 84 St Hughs Road Nephew of Eliza Lipscombe of 28 Holmewood Gardens Brixton Hill. Died 21.9.1917 Panel 154 to 159 and 163a.Tyne Cot Memorial



LUNGLEY J (Six Lungleys on CWGC website. No local connection given.)

McKINNON C (Seven possible matches on CWGC website. No local connection given.)

McKINNON Kenneth Private age 20 Auckland Regiment NZEF Son of William and Mary McKinnon of Te Rore, Wakato. Died 8.8.1915 Ref 10 Chunuk Bair (NZ) memorial. (Further information on kiwis on chunuk bair memorial).

MEADE R J P F E Lieutenant age 23 Indian 14th King Georges Own Ferozepore Sikhs. Twice mentioned in dispatches. Also served in Egypt. 21 Hamlet Road Son of Colonel J W B and Catherine W Meade Died 4.6.1915 Sp.Mem 65 Pink Farm Cemetery Helles. See also Christ Church. (PWM)

MOSS George Henry Private G 17846 age 39 Queens Own (Royal West Kent) Regiment 6th Btn. Husband of Mary Hettey Moss 52 Palace Road UN Died 9.4.1917 Bay 7 Arras Memorial (Listed as Prisoner in Penge Roll of Honour).

NEWLAND T (Five possible matches on CWGC website. No local connection given)

NICHOLSON F (43 F Nicholsons on CWGC website. No local connection given)

ORPIN Ralph E 2nd Lt age 25 Royal Field Artillery A Bty 92nd Bde Lived 14 Minden Road.Son of Ernest John and Annie Orpin of Anerley. Served Egypt. Died 6.8.1917 II E 27 Canada Farm cemetery (PWM)

PAYNE Thomas Edward Private L/9693 age 22 The Queens Own (Royal West Kent) Regiment  2nd Btn Son of William and Eliza Payne 63 St Hughs Road, Anerley Died 31.8.1915 III P 1 Basra War Cemetery (PWM)

PEDDAR (listed as PEDDER on CWGC website). Frank Charles Private 61628 age 19 Welsh Regiment 18th Btn. Son of Frank and Elizabeth Pedder 8 Palace Square UN Died 13.4.1918 II B 9 Rue-du-Bois Military Cemetery Fleurbaix

PERFECT George Emmanuel Private G/11267 age 27 The Queens (Royal West Surrey) 11th Btn. Son of Sarah Ann Perfect of 4 Anerley Vale. Died 1.8.1917. Panel 11 to 13 and 14 Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial. (Listed as presumed dead in Penge Roll of Honour. A photo of him appears in M/S opposite page.).

PETERS Henry Francis Private 10687 age 19 Border Regiment B Coy 2nd Btn 10687 Son of Mr H H and Mrs E A Peters 22 St Hughs Road, Anerley Died 21.12.1914 Panel 6 Ploegsteert Memorial (PWM)

PROSSER Arthur Edward Captain age 35 Worcestershire Regiment C Coy 1st Btn MC Mentioned in dispatches. Husband of Ethel Callow (formerly Prosser) Son of Arthur William and Rosina Prosser of 3a Cintra Park UN Died 23.10.1918 Plot 11a 96 Schoonselhof Cemetery. Address given as Wallington Lodge, Crescent Road on Penge Roll of Honour. (PWM)

QUIGLEY Daniel Lance Corporal G/5326 age 37 Royal Sussex Regiment Husband of Fanny Sophia Ann Quigley of 61 St Hughs Road, Anerley Died 25.9.1915 Panel 69 to 73 Loos Memorial (PWM) (Listed as missing Penge Roll of Honour).

RANSFORD Lionel Bolton Flight Sub Lieutenant age 18 Born UN May 3 1899 Royal Naval Air Service Son of Robert Bolton Ransford and Amy Jane Ransford of 16 Mowbray Road. Took part in many bombing raids over Zeebrugge.Died 18.3.1918 in aerial combat near St Quentin III D 7 St. Souplet British Cemetery

RODWELL Mary Ann Nursing Sister Queen Alexandras Imperial Military Nursing Service  Born Brockdish, Norfolk. Died 17.11.1915 when Anglia, the hospital ship she was on, was hit by a mine laid by a German U Boat. Hollybrook Memorial Southampton.

ROWDEN Percy George Private age 31 Royal Fusiliers 2nd Btn 53161 Son of Jane Rowden 40 Anerley Hill UN and the late William Thomas Rowden. Died 10.9.1917 V1 B 16 Dozinghem Military Cemetery. Listed as Lance Cpl/ Cpl 105th Train Reserve in Penge Roll of Honour (PWM)

RUSSELL Henry Frederick Private 10776 East Surrey Regiment 1st Btn 13 Anerley Grove / 2 Brunswick Place  Died 20.11.1914 Panel 34 Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial

SARGEANT James Edward Private G/9681 age 32 Queens Own (Royal West Kent) Regiment 11th Btn  Husband of Lilo Mary Sargeant of 20 Franklin Road, Penge Son of the late Charles and Elizabeth Sargeant. Listed under North Surrey District school in Penge Roll of Honour. Died 16.9.1916. Plot 2 Row D Grave 24 Corbie Communal Cemetery extension. (PWM)

SCOTT John Frederick Private 44850 age 19 Lincolnshire Regiment 2nd Btn Son of John and Alice Scott of 84 St Hughs Road, Anerley Died 27.5.1918 Soissons Memorial. (PWM)

SELWOOD A J Gunner 74269 age 28 Royal Garrison Artillery 182nd Siege Bty Husband of Hilda Annie Selwood of 13 Thurlestone Rd WN Son of Joseph and Harriet Selwood. native of Brentwood, Essex 4.4.1918 C19 Boves West Communal cemetery Extension Penge Roll of Honour lists an Arthur J Sellwood North Surrey District school, Private Royal Garrison Artillery no further information given. (PWM)

SHARPE Thomas Gunner / Bombardier 48835 Royal Garrison Artillery 22nd Coy Lived 31 St Hughs Road. fell France 14.9.1915 213.6.2 (Screen wall) Kensal Green (All Souls) Cemetery (PWM)

SHILLITOE L H Private 241805 Sherwood Foresters (Notts and Derby Regiment) 10th Btn Died 21.4.1918 Panel 52 to 54 Pozieres Memorial

SIMMONS W Either: Private Royal Garrison Artillery Lived 8 Thicket Grove

or Simmons W Private 205067 The Queens (Royal West Surrey) Regiment 6th Btn 205067 Son of Mr R Simmons of WN 11 N 1 Mailly Wood Cemetery Mailly-Maillet (PWM)

SLADE Alfred Herbert Private G/12370 age 31 Queens Own (Royal West Kent) Regiment 7th Btn Son of James William Christy Slade and Emma Slade of 67 St Hughs Road, Anerley Died 23.8.1918 Panel 7 Vis-En-Artois Memorial (PWM)

SMITH Frederick Percival Corproral Australian age 27 Australian Infantry AIF 5th Btn 3948 Son of Jane Smith of Lordine 2 Weighton Road Anerley and the late Alfred William Smith Died 9.5.1917 Villers-Bretonneux Memorial (PWM)

SMITH Lionel Guy Private age 39 Honourable Artillery Company 1st Btn 4773 Son of Alfred William and Jane Smith of Lordine 2 Weighton Road, Anerley. Died 8.2.1917 V11 D 2 Ancre British Cemetery, Beaumont-Hamel (PWM)

SMITH Lionel Russell Private G/39096 age 41 The Queens (Royal West Surrey) Regiment  Husband of Florence Smith of 1 Madeline Road, Anerley. Son of Alfred Russell Smith of 174 Brecknock Road, Tufnell Park Died 21.10.1917 Panel 14 to 17 and 162 to 162a Tyne Cot memorial (PWM)


STUART Kenworth Probationary Flight Officer Royal Naval Air Service Son of William Thomas and Annie Stuart 8 Thicket Road, Anerley Died 13.6.1917 T 5 4486 Beckenham Crematorium (PWM)

STUBBINS John Private L/9452 age 24 The Queens (Royal West Surrey) Regiment 2nd Btn Son of Martha Stubbins 11 St Johns Road SN. His stepbrother Joseph Charles Brigden also fell. Died 6.9.1914 Brookwood (UK 1914 1918) Memorial

STURGES Montague Edgar Private Born Anerley 1898 761238 London Regiment (Artists Rifles) 1st/28th Btn. Lived 21 Anerley Park Son of The Reverend M C and Mrs Sturges.Died 30.10.1917 Panel 153 Tyne Cot Memorial (PWM)

SUMMERS George Richard Fireman/ Stoker 912041 age 42 Mercantile Marine Reserve. Husband of Edith J Summers of 7 Brunswick Place, Anerley Road. Son of George and Martha Summers of Harwich HMS Louvain Died 20.1.1918 31 Plymouth Naval Memorial.

TOWLER William James Private 43786. age 22 Middlesex Regiment A Coy 1st Btn. Son of James and Jane Towler 69 Palace Road UN Died 2.11.1916 11 F 22 Grove Town Cemetery Meaulte

TUCKER L E Sapper 454755 age 27 Royal Engineers 20th TF Depot Husband of Florence May Tucker 11 Phoenix Road, Penge Son of John Tucker Died 9.4.1918 W 5 7566 Beckenham Crematorium

TUCKER Wilfred Private 10185 Royal Fusiliers 9th Btn Lived 4 Thicket Road Fell France 6.8.1916 Pier and Face C9A and 16A Thiepval Memorial (PWM)

VALE J T Sergeant Army Veterinary Corps SE/2305 Died 17.6.1916 V111 E 9 Amara War Cemetery

VANCOUR Awdry Morris Major MC and bar, DFC age 28 RAF (Secondary Regiment: Royal Artillery) MC and Bar, DFC and Italian Silver Medal for Valour Lived 71 Belvedere Road UN Died 16.7.1918 Plot 3 Row C Grave 2 Montecchie Precalcino Communal Cemetery extension (PWM) (Listed as Vaucour on CWGC website.)

WALKER-SMITH Frederick Granville Private 514952 age 33 London Regt (London Scottish) D Coy Husband of Eliza (Cissie) Kennedy Smith of High Street, Great Bookham, Surrey. Son of William and Rebecca Walker Smith of Anerley. Died 21.12.1917 IX D 18 Grevillers British Cemetery (Listed as Smith F G W on CWGC website with Walker given as his first name in the Penge Roll of Honour).

WATTS G E Private G/61934 age 19 Royal Fusiliers 23rd Btn. Son of Edward and Mary E Watts 3 Heath Grove Maple Road Penge Died 23.1.1917 K 8 Aveluy Communal Cemetery extension (PWM)

WEST John Angus Pte/ Lance Cpl G/1071 The Queens (Royal West Surrey Regiment) 6th Btn Lived 30 St Hughs Road Died 3.7.1916 Pier and Face 5D and 6D Thiepval Memorial (PWM)

WILSON Charles Lance Cpl Royal Fusiliers Lived 14 Hamlet Road Fell France. (PWM)

The unveiling of the memorial was reported in the Penge and Anerley Press May 28th 1921. Bishop Taylor Smith dedicated the memorial to the men of this parish and the congregation.

Parish Boundaries (based on a map at Bromley LSL) : Up Fox Hill, along Lansdowne Place then along Church Road into Crystal Palace Parade almost to its end. The boundary then goes into Crystal Palace Park where it appears to follow the old boundary of Penge urban district council down to Thicket Road, along Thicket Road to the railway bridge, turning left into Anerley Park Road and Castledine Road across to the railway line, along the railway line towards where the Bromley and Croydon borough boundaries meet, then back up the other railway line towards Crystal Palace, veering off back towards Fox Hill.


BELLCHAMBERS Edward John Private 2032 Australian Australian Infantry AIF 35th Btn 7.6.1917 ! A 14 Mud Corner Cemetery

BELLCHAMBERS Percy Frederick Private 20973 Devonshire Regiment Died 9.5.1917 Bay 4 Arras Memorial

BENDER Alfred Courteney Lt Hampshire Regiment 16th Btn Died 20.9.1917 Panel 88 to 90 and 162 Tyne Cot Memorial

BLOFELD Dudley 2nd Lt MC London Regt.1st/22nd Btn  Died 8.10.1916 Bay 9 or 10 Arras Memorial

CLARKE F W Private Service number 96 age 41 Royal Fusiliers 23rd Btn Son of Bennett Michael and Fanny Clarke of Norwood, London 12.3.1916 A 18 13 St Sever Cemetery Rouen

CLIFTON Percy James Major DSO age 28 Royal Field Artillery A Bty 232nd Bde  Mentioned in dispatches Son of William and Sarah Maria Clifton Fairfield 16 Alleyn Park, Dulwich Died 26.8.1918.V111 A 48 Daours Communal Cemetery extension

COHN F A 2nd Lt (CWGC lists a Frederic Cohn Nationality: UK Chief engineer Mercantile Marine Kosseir (London) 20.7.1918 Tower Hill Memorial

DUCHE  M des L M

FRITH H Private

JACKSON Alfred George Driver 15437 age 18 Royal Field Artillery 33rd Div HQ Son of John Henry and Agnes Mary Jackson of 26 Jasper Road UN Died 10.4.1917


MALLINSON John Whiteley 2nd Lt age 20 Rifle Brigade 6th Btn Mentioned in dispatches Son of Mrs J H Mallinson of 30 Central Hill UN and the late The Reverend J H Mallinson. 14.12.1916 Panel 46 to 48 and 50 Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial

MORANT G A McK Captain MC Born 1896 West Yorkshire Regt (Prince of Waless Own) 16th Btn attd 2nd/13th Btn Youngest son of the late Mr and Mrs McKay Morant The Glade Farquhar Rd UN XIII A 8 Bienvillers Military Cemetery

NORRIS A E AB RN Probably A E Norris Able Seaman RN HMS Ursa 16.10.1918 188 Mere Cemetery

ODDELL Lionel Henry Private age 20 Herefordshire Regiment Kings Shropshire Light Infantry attached 1st Btn Son of Lionel and Louisa Oddell of 28 Woodland Road Upper Norwood. Died 21.9.1918 Panel 10 Vis-En-Artois Memorial

PAINE George Gordon Captain MC age 25 Royal Berkshire Regiment 5th Btn Son of George Cuthbert and Agnes Mary Paine of Beechwood, Sandcotes Road, Parkstone, Dorset 1 K 9 Varennes Military Cemetery

PAINE J H Private

PAINE Walter Lionel Captain (Adjutant) age 34 Kings Own (Royal Lancaster Regiment) 10th Btn Secondary Regiment Lancashire Fusiliers (attached 1st Btn) Born 1881 Son of George William and Mary Maria Paine of Cotswold, Farquhar Road, UN Secretary of the Reform of Latin Teaching Association Fell Gallipoli Died 4.6.1915 Sp. Mem C 270 Twelve Tree Copse Cemetery

PATON L 2nd Lt

PATON W G Captain age 21 Cameronians (Scottish Rifles) Son of William George Lauder Paton and Jane Peters Burleigh Paton of Hayes Lodge, Alleyn Park, West Dulwich 1 M 13 Vermelles British Cemetery

QUITMANN  Eric C R Private 84289 age 19 Middlesex Regiment 6th Labour Btn Old Alleynian Son of Otto and Lucy Quitmann of Crowhurst, College Road UN Died 16.6.1918 A 12 St Riquier British cemetery

REDSTONE G possibly Rifleman S/18356 Rifle Brigade 16th Btn Died 21.10.1916 111 K 3 Connaught Cemetery Thiepval.

REYNOLDS Charles Edward Lieutenant age 22 RAF 55th Squadron Son of James and Annie Deletia Reynolds of 87 Anerley Road 1 C 19 Charmes Military Cemetery Essegney

REYNOLDS James Private/Rifleman BA (London University) service number 90 age 22 London Regiment (London Rifle Brigade) G Coy 1st/5th Btn son of James and Annie Deletia Reynolds of 87 Anerley Road. His brother Charles Edward Reynolds also fell. Panel 52 and panel 54 Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial

SELBY Millin 2nd Lt age 24 The Buffs (East Kent) Regiment 3rd Btn Son of Millin and Margaret Selby 36 Rue Faidhirbe, Lille, France 29.9.1915 J 7 Sailly-Labourne Communal Cemetery

LOUDOUN-SHAND Stewart Walter Major VC age 36 Yorkshire Regiment 10th Btn Son of Mr J L Loudoun-Shand of 27 Alleyn Park Died 1.7.1916 1 C 77 Norfolk Cemetery Becordel-Becourt

SYMONS The Reverend Charles Fleming Jelinger BA Lieutenant Age 32 Royal Welsh Fusiliers 9th Btn, Son of The Reverend Jelinger Edward Symons of 82 South Croxted Road Dulwich and the late Florence Symons BA (Oxon). A clerk in holy orders. Died 25.9.1915 50 to 52 Loos Memorial

TANNER William Arthur Rifleman 301918 age 29 London Regt (London Rifle Brigade) 5th Btn Son of William Burbridge Tanner and Fanny Gertrude Tanner 78 Thicket Road, Anerley died 12.4.1917 ! A 28 London Cemetery Neuville-Vitasse

TRESSIDER C T Captain Not listed on CWGC

VAN den BOK F 2nd Lt age 22 Middlesex Regiment A Coy 2nd Btn Son of Mr A and Mrs N Van den Bok Crescent Moor House, Sydenham Hill 1.7.1916

VAUGHAN Horace William Henry Lt Kings Own (Royal Lancaster Regt) 10th Btn 4.6.1915 Panel 31 and 32 Helles Memorial

WAKELEY John Eric Stanley 2nd Lieutenant Age 20 Gloucestershire Regiment 1st Btn Mentioned in dispatches. Son of Pery and May S Wakeley 16 Alleyn Road West Dulwich. Native of Rainham, Kent. Died 9.9.1916 IV F 3 Heilly Station cemetery Mericourt-LAbbe.

Parish boundaries: Along Crystal Palace Parade to the two mini roundabouts which connect with Westwood Hill; Along Sydenham Hill / Crescent Wood Road then cuts from Syudenham Hill northwest to Dulwich Common; along Dulwich Common westwards to College Road, goes south down College Road, along Hunts Slip Road to the railway line to Alleyn Park Road then comes down South Croxted Road to Gipsy Hill station then zigs and zags back to the former roundabout at the junctions of Anerley Hill/Church Road/Westow Hill and Crystal Palace Parade.


GESSEY Charles E Lance Corporal age 28 Rifle Brigade Son of Charles Edward and Harriet Gessey, Devonshire Cottage, Fox Hill Fell at Delville Wood (source: Norwood News) Died 18.8.1916 Grave 1X J 33 Caterpillar Valley Cemetery Longeval

HOLLIS Thomas Frederick Gunner age 42 Royal Garrison Artillery Husband of Emily Louise Hollis of 9 Fransfield Grove, Sydenham Son of William and Harriet Hollis of Witton, North Walsham, Norfolk Died (of wounds received in action source Norwood News)  21.3.1918 Bay 1 Arras Memorial (His name also appears on the memorial in St Batholomews Sydenham.)

LAWRENCE Reginald Arthur Rifleman age 22 Rifle Brigade Son of Frederick and Susan Lawrence 7 Cambridge Road, Anerley Fell at Lens (source: Norwood News) Died 31.8.1918 Sucrerie Cemetery, Ablain-St, Nazaire 1V F 2

LEIGHTON Frank Sheldrake Private age 26 Australian Infantry AIF Farmer (no address given) Embarked Brisbane 20.9.1915 on HMAT Armadale 26th Infantry Btn.Father listed in Australian records as John Leighton of 74 Alexander St UN Fell at Pozieres Died 29.7.1916 Villers-Bretonneux Memorial.

PARSONS Fred Sergeant Possibly: Nearest local connection: Son of Mary Jane Parsons of 36 Eastwood Road, Streatham and the late William Parsons. Served with London Regiment (Queen Victorias Rifles) 1st Btn/9th Btn. 3172. Died 1.7.1916 Pier and Face 9C Thiepval Memorial.

PETERS Charles William Sergeant 1168 age 32 Australian Infantry AIF Husband of V L Peters 26 Queens Road UN Son of Ernest Peters. Nattive of Earlswood, Surrey (Australian records list a Charles William Peters, Private 1177 age 30 Labourer 8th Infantry Btn Embarked Melbourne 22.12.1914 on HMAT Themistocles. Next of kin listed as R E Peters Hollis Rd Red Hill, Surrey) Lijssenthoek Military Cemetery XX1V H 18A (See also All Saints)

SHAND W (Possibly) Driver Army Service Corps Beirut War Cemetery Ref 63

Note: Four memorial windows to Charles Gessey, Thomas Hollis, Reginald Lawrence and Frank Leighton were placed in the original church building to the former Sunday school scholars who subsequently became members of the church. The whereabouts of these windows is currently unknown.

UPPER NORWOOD SORTING OFFICE,Westow Street has 12 names on its memorial along with a (much longer) list of those who served but survived.

ALGER William H Rifleman 373040 age 39 London Regt (Post Office Rifles) 8th Btn Son of Mrs A M Alger 69 Whiteley Rd UN Died 27.3.1918 Panel 87 Pozieres Memorial.

BIRTLES A H Two possibles listed on CWGC

BOUCHER R H Sapper 70523 Royal Engineers 18th Div Signal Coy. Died 15.4.1918 Panel 8 and 162 Tyne Cot memorial.

BOWELL Rowland James Private 800961 age 22 London Regt (Royal Fusiliers) 30th Btn posted 8th Btn Son of Mr R D and Mrs E Bowell 4 Elvino Rd Sydenham Died 4.4.1918 I D 5 Tournai Communal Cemetery Allied Extension

CADDICK W G Four possibles listed on CWGC

COCKRAM A H See All Saints and Rockmount Road school.

COTTON Albert William Lance Cpl 43530 age 20 Royal Irish Rifles 2nd Btn Son of George Henry and Louisa Cotton 4 Elderton Road Sydenham Died 24.3.1918 Panel 74 to 76 Pozieres Memorial.

COX H E M MM Sjt G/95421 London Regt (Royal Fusiliers (2nd Btn) 2.8.1918 Dernancourt Communal Cemetery extension

KENWARD Richard Private T/201429 age 20 The Queens (Royal West Surrey) Regiment A Coy 7th Btn Lived 48 Oakfield Road Penge Son of Henry Daniel and Edith Kenward 31 Oakfield Road, Penge 23.3.1918 Panel 14 and 15 Pozieres memorial

KERRIGAN Walter Stanley Lance Cpl T/2426 The Queens (Royal West Surrey Regiment) 1st/4th Btn Son of Charles and Hannah Elizabeth Kerrigan of 10 Avington Grove, Penge 17.1.1917 Buried Peshawar (Right) B.C. XXIX.25 Delhi Memorial Face 1 India Gate

POLLARD Edward T Rifleman 373475 London Regiment (Post Office Rifles) 8th Btn 25.7.1918 Panel 87 Pozieres Memorial

RICKARD E F Rifleman 374710 age 19 London Regt (Post Office Rifles) 8th Btn Son of Frank and Florence K Rickard 22 Blackwater Street E Dulwich 11.5.1918 V.D.8 Berlin South-Western Cemetery

The sorting office memorial was unveiled by J W Aston, postmaster, Norwood district on November 21st 1920. Three of those whose records appear above died within five days of each other.


Names of those who do not appear on the memorials listed but are listed elsewhere mainly in Moore/Sayers:

ADDERLEY Edward John Private 552235 age 27 Canadian Infantry (Manitoba Regt D Coy 8th Btn. Born Terozepore 12 November 1889. Eldest son of Edward John  and Annie Maria Adderley 35 Beulah Road TH Fell 15.8.1917 Vimy Memorial

ALMOND Frank Private G/12800 Queens Own (Royal West Kent Regiment) 10th Btn Lived 72 Anerley Park Died 23.3.1918 Bay 7 Arras Memorial

ASKEW Cyril Horace 2nd Lieutenant Born 1893 Middlesex Regiment 1st/8th Btn Enlisted in QV Rifles 1914.  Clerk London, City and Midland Bank Second son of Mr and Mrs J W Askew 19 Belvedere Road UN Fell Arras 9.4.1917 Wancourt Road Cemetery No. 2 Memorial Panel 2 London Cemetery, Neuville-Vitasse

AUSTIN Thomas Carnelly/Carnelley MacDonald 2nd Lt/Captain Born 27 August 1891 South Wales Borderers 4th Btn. Mentioned in dispatches for services at Gallipoli December 1915. Son of The Reverend George Beesley and Mrs Ellen Austin 7 Mowbray Road UN Fell on second attempt to relieve Kut 9.4.1916 XV11 H 10 Amara War Cemetery

BATT Percy John Private 10156 age 22 Royal Fusiliers 1st Btn 10156 Son of Sidney Charles and Emma Batt 91 Crown Hill UN Fell 8.6.1917 Panel 6 and 8 Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial

BENHAM Herbert Louis Clarke Gunner 319516 age 26 Royal Garrison Artillery 153rd Heavy Battery  Eldest son of Mr and Mrs Herbert Russell Benham and Mary Ann Theresa Benham 8 Waldegrave Road UN Drowned 17.6.1918 1762 Mikra British Cemetery Kalamaria.

BLOOMFIELD Eric 48 Beulah Road M/S p 261

BOGDEN W G Private Royal Fusiliers Res: UN Fell 1917 (No Bogden listed on CWGC)

BOGUE Patrick Yule 2nd Lieutenant East Surrey Regiment 9th btn Son of the late Patrick Yule Bogue of Dublin and Mrs Bogue 29 Central Hill Fell 24.7.1917 I B 10 Dickebusch New Military Cemetery extension

BOND Albert George Private 2071 Born 7 January 1898 The Queens (Royal West Surrey) Regiment 2nd/4th Btn. Fishmongers assistant Son of Albert George and Amy Louisa Bond 3 South Vale UN/ 62 Prospect Road Sydenham Fell Dardanelles 9.8.1915 II G 10 Green Hill Cemetery

CAREY Francis Ambrose 2nd Lieutenant age 20 Royal Fusiliers 32nd Btn Son of Francis Harwood Carey and Edith Carey of Whitley Lodge, Beulah Road TH Died 15.9.1916 Pier and Face 8C 9A and 16 A Thiepval Memorial

COOPER Clarence E Nooth Lieutenant Born Putney 7 May 1891 Lincoln Regiment attached RFC Traveller for a firm of wire rope makers. Eldest son of Mr and Mrs George C Nooth Cooper 107 South Norwood Hill.  Killed by a fall from a kite balloon through parachute failing to open near Montauban, Somme 16.9.1916

COOPER Francis Nicholas Nooth Lieutenant Born Sudbury near Harrow 22.10.1896 Son of Mr and Mrs George Nooth Cooper 107 South Norwood Hill. Served at Dardanelles, on Suez Canal defences and in Mesopotamia. Fell near Cambrai, France 21.11.1917

CORNISH Robert Fenton Private age 35 Born 4.3.1882 Sign writer. Husband of Beatrice Elizabeth Cornish of 6 Naseby Road UN Fell Monchy le Preux 23.4.1917 II C 28 Heninel-Croissiles Road Cemetery

COTTON William Frank 8 RWS Regt born October 19 1887. Horticultural builder. Single. 240 South Norwood Hill. Fell Delville Wood, Somme 2.9.1916

CROSS Samuel George Driver born Bowbrickle 6.9.1875 Royal Field Artillery 36th Division Labourer Res: Beulah Road TH Fell France 24.4.1917 M/S page 285

DERISLEY Herbert Lance Cpl 17th Middlesex Lived 4 Cintra Park. Fell France (Not listed on CWGC)

FENTON R G Private The Queens (Royal West Surrey) Regiment Res: Norwood Fell 1917

GILSON Leo Herbert Lieut. age 26 Suffolk Regt 7th Btn Lived 94 Belvedere Road. Son of Ina Wilhelmina Emma Jane and the late Robert Baker Gilson, same address. Born Camberwell. Fell France 29.7.1916 V.D.8 Abbeville Communal

GREENWAY Kenneth Lieutenant/2nd Lt Born 18 February 1897 Worcester Regiment 4th Btn attached 13th Btn Son of Mr and Mrs Greenway 28 Highland Road UN Fell Gallipoli 27.11.1915 I A 9 Azmak Cemetery Suvla.

LEVELL Alfred Rifleman C/3835 age 32 Kings Royal Rifle Corps 4th Btn Born East Dulwich, Kent Resident UN Surrey 18.10.1918 111 E 5 Highland Cemetery, Le Cateau. Listed on the Clare War Memorial, Suffolk.

PENDRY Harold James Bombardier / Corporal 98275 Royal Field Artillery B Bty 84th Bde Lived 111 St Hughs Rd, Anerley Fell France 8.10.1917 Panel 4 to 6 and 162 Tyne Cot Memorial

POWELL Arthur Trevanion 2nd Lt age 24 Born Dulwich 11.12.1891 Cameron Highlanders 4th Btn Enlisted in Royal Bucks Hussars 18.4.1915 Banking clerk (Thomas Cook and Son) Son of Alfred Edward Murley and Elizabeth Annie Powell 28 Maberley Road UN Fell Vimy Ridge 22.7.1916 III B 5 Maroeuil British Cemetery

PRICE Graham Pilot RFC eldest son of Mr and Mrs James Price, Sydenham. Fell 9.3.1916

RAYNER Harold Leslie 2nd Lieutenant Son of the late Edward Rayner of Beechlands, Wadhurst Sussex and Mrs Rayner, Queens hotel UN Fell 1.7.1916

REEVE John Stanley Lieutenant age 21 Born March 1897 Honourable Artillery Company 2nd Btn Son of Mr and Mrs James and Ellen Reeve 99 South Norwood Hill Photo M/S Fell Italy 29.6.1918 Giavera Memorial

ROMSFORD res: 16 Mowbray Road. Only details given in M/S page 371.(Note: Possibly Ransford see St Pauls)

SCHOFIELD Reginald George Hornby Private 786 age 31 Australian Infantry 15th Btn Son of Mr and Mrs Schofield 65 Belvedere Road UN Australian records give the middle name Homby Embarked Melbourne 22.12.1914 on HMAT Ceramic. Described as settler. Fell Dardanelles 26.4.1915 49 Lone Pine Memorial

SKINNER Hilary Francis Cleveland 2nd Lt age 27 South Wales Borderers 1st Btn Lived 209 Anerley Road. Son of J A C Skinner (barrister at law) and Mrs A B Skinner, same address. 25.7.1916 Pier and Face 4A Thiepval Memorial

SMITH William James Private 31042 East Surrey Regt 1st Btn Lived 85 Anerley Road (Penge Roll of Honour) Husband of Gertrude Maud Smith 59 Palace Square UN (CWGC website) Fell France 8.5.1917 Bay 6 Arras Memorial

STABLES Leonard Theodore Drury Lieutenant age 27 Born 1891 Beds regiment 6th Btn (attached Northants Regiment 1st Btn) second son of Mr Walter Williams Godfrey Stables MRCS 5 Auckland Road UN and Isabella Mary Stables nee Drury Fell 23 October 1918 V C I Highland Cemetery Le Cateau

STACEY Gerald Arthur Major Born 1882 London Regiment DSO Son of Mr and Mrs Crosley Fell 11.10.1916  UN

STICKINGS Leslie Alfred Lance Cpl 10923 age 25 Wiltshire Regt 2nd Btn Lived 5 Belvedere Road Son of Alfred Charles and Gertrude Stickings, same address. Fell France 26.9.1915 Panel 102 Loos Memorial

THORN see Horn T; Rockmount Road school.

TOWNSEND Joseph Listed in Treetops and Terraces a bygone area of New Town Upper Norwood SE19 by Beryl D Cheeseman

TOWNSEND Thomas also listed in Treetops and Terraces

TRUSS George Marquand 2nd Lieutenant age 25 Scots Guards attached Machine Gun Corps Son of Mr and Mrs Geo. Marquand and Annie Blanche Truss Fox Hill UN/ Battlebridge House, Merstham, Surrey Fell 25.9.1916 P 28 Carnoy Military Cemetery

VINCENT Stanley Cecil Rifleman 302009 age 27 London Regt (London Rifle Brigade) A Coy (1st/5th Btn) Lived 163 Anerley Road Youngest son of Ernest Charles and Grace Vincent of 163 Anerley Road Fell France 14.8.1917 Panel 52 and 54 Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial

WATTS George Ernest Sgt 13721 Royal Berkshire Regiment 7th Btn Lived 94 St Hughs Road, Anerley Fell Salonica. 16.8.1916 E 1121 Karasouli Military Cemetery (CWGC also lists G E Watts Private G/61934 whose parents lived at Heath Grove, Maple Road, Penge).

WHITE Horace Chesterfield Ford Private/ Trooper 1248 age 22 2nd King Edwards Horse Lived 193 Anerley Road, Son of John Kelly White and Emma White, same address. Fell Flanders 25.5.1915 IV G 27 Guards Cemetery, Windy Corner, Cuinchy

WILLIAMS Montgomery Captain age 31 born 1885 Royal Marine Artillery No. 1 Gun Howitzer Brigade RN Division Husband of Nell Cope Williams, Grey Court, Wimbledon. Son of Mr and Mrs Plunkett Williams UN Twice mentioned in dispatches Died 23.8.1916 from injury received previous day. IF 5 Bouzincourt communal cemetery extension.

WILSON Frederick Private G/19360 age 26 Born 1889 The Queens Own (Royal West Kent) Regiment Husband of Annie Wilson, two children Res: 23 Moffat Rd TH Fell 14.6.1917 Panel 45 and 47 Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial

WOOD Alfred Ernest MM Private 3240 Royal Fusiliers 12th Btn Res: Norwood Fell September 1917. Panel 6 and 8 Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial.

WOODS Douglas Crawford Private G/12194 age 26 Private Queens Own (Royal West Kent Regiment) 8th Btn Lived 78 Belvedere Road. Son of James and Ann Elizabeth Woods, same address 1.9.1916 Pier and Face 11C Thiepval memorial.


The main sources for these lists are:

The Commonwealth War Graves Commissions Debt of Honour website Go to search our records (see below)

Croydon Inventory of War memorials by Dr Ron Cox. A thorough, painstaking record of every single known memorial in the London borough of Croydon from which the All Saints, St Johns, and Upper Norwood sorting office lists were taken. Available Croydon LSL. (Note: At the time of writing the Rockmount Road lists were missing).

Croydon and the Great War by Moore/Sayers which has extensive lists of those with any connection to the borough of Croydon who fell in The Great War. (Available Upper Norwood joint library and Croydon local studies library)

Penge Roll of Honour (available on request Bromley LSL)

CWGC searches:  It helps if you know the year in which a person died or the regiment they served in. If you do not know the year its best to cover all the years from 1914 to 1921. (Note: If you are searching for someone with more than one initial then after typing in the surname (Alexandre) leave a space between each initial (J W not JW) otherwise the search wont take.

The list of names on the Christ Church memorial (no longer existing) comes from the Norwood News of October 22nd 1920.

The list of names on the St Pauls memorial is taken from the Penge and Anerley Express of May 28, 1921 available on micrfoilm at Bromley LSL.


Courage Remembered by T A Edwin Gibson and G Kingsley Ward HMSO London 1989 which lists all those cemeteries and memorials EXCEPT for France and Belgium.

At the going down of the sunan account of Croydons war memorials. Also by Dr Cox, it is dedicated to the men of the 2nd Fife and Forfar Yeomanry who died before their time

An article on the history and unveiling of the Upper Norwood war memorial appeared in The Palace magazine November 2007.

For the full list of names on the memorial in St Bartholomews church, Sydenham go to

For further information on those who served with The Queens Royal West Kent Regiment go to

Thanks to Peter Denman, All Saints

The Reverend Andrew Rumsey, Vicar, Christ Church, Gipsy Hill

St Stephens Dulwich

Victor Johnston at St Johns

The Rev Graham Cocking, Upper Norwood Methodist church

Jerry Savage at local studies, Upper Norwood joint library, staff at Croydon and Bromley local studies libraries.

Paul Dyer, regional volunteer, War memorials Trust


Bde: Brigade; Btn: Battalion; Bty: Battery; CCS: Casualty Clearing Station; Coy: Company; CWGC Commonwealth War Graves Commission; HMAT His Majestys Australian Transport; LSL Local Studies Library; M/S Moore/Sayers (see sources listed above); NNT: Norwood New Town; PWM: Penge War Memorial; S/M Submarine SN: South Norwood; Sp. Mem Special Memorial; TH: Thornton Heath; UN: Upper Norwood; WN: West Norwood

AS I WROTE AT THE BEGINNING: Some of the information is missing, some of it almost certainly inaccurate. The CWGC Roll of Honour appears to be based on a form being filled in by families.

If these forms were not filled in by families and half the nation could not read or write at the time it appears to have been left to the services who provided basic details: surname, initials. rank, number, what units etc they were attached to, when they died and where there is a grave or memorial to them.

The following lists give: firstly: the locations of the cemeteries where those listed who have a known grave are buried and, secondly: the memorials listing the names of those who have no known grave. Details are taken from the Commonwealth War Graves Commission website and from the book Courage Remembered by T A Edwin Gibson and G Kingsley Ward (Her Majestys Stationery Office London 1989).

If you are Googling on the Internet you may find it easier to type in the name of the cemetery followed by cwgc. In most cases the first item on Google will take you directly to the particular part of the cwgc website which gives details of the location of the cemetery/memorial, its history and the battles/incidents which took place in that area. And will also tell you how cemeteries such as Cabaret-Rouge, Windy Corner and Adanac got their names.

ABBEVILLE, Somme, France

ABEELE AERODROME MILITARY, Poperringe, West-Vlaanderen, Belgium


ADELAIDE, Villers-Bretonneux, France

AEROPLANE  Ieper, West-Vlaanderen, Belgium


ALEXANDRIA (HADRA) near Alexandria, Egypt



ANCRE BRITISH, Beaumont-Hamel, Somme

ARRAS FLYING SERVICES MEMORIAL, Fauborg DAmiens Cemetery, Arras, France

AUBIGNY, Aubigny, Somme, France


A.I.F. BURIAL GROUND Flers, Somme, France

AVELUY, Somme, France

AVELUY WOOD, Mesnil-Martinsart, Somme, France

AYLESBURY, Buckinghamshire, England.

AZMAK, Suvla, Gallipoli Peninsula, Turkey


BARD COTTAGE Ieper, West-Vlaanderen, Belgium


BECKENHAM Kent, England


BERLES-AU-BOIS CHURCHYARD EXTENSION, Berles-au-Bois, Pas-de-Calais, France

BERLIN SOUTH-WESTERN, Berlin, Brandenburg, Germany.


BIENVILLERS, Bienvillers, Pas-de-Calais, France


BOULOGNE EASTERN, Boulogne, Pas-de-Calais, France

BROOKWOOD MEMORIAL, Brookwood Military Cemetery, Woking, Surrey, England

BULLS ROAD CEMETERY, Flers, Somme, France


BUTTES see Polygon Wood


CAESTRE, Nord, France


CAMBRIN CHURCHYARD EXTENSION, Cambrin, Pas-de-Calais, France

CAMBRIN MILITARY, Cambrin, Pas-de-Calais, France

CANADA FARM, Elverdinghe, Belgium

CARNOY MILITARY, Carnoy, Somme, France

CATERPILLAR VALLEY, Longueval, Somme, France


CHARMES MILITARY, Essegney, Vosges, France


CHUNUK BAIR NZ cemetery, Gallipoli, Turkey

COMBLES see Guards



CROYDON (Mitcham Road), Surrey, England

CROYDON (Queens Road), Surrey, England







DIVISIONAL COLLECTING POST, north east of Ieper, Belgium


DOUCHY-LES-AYETTE 1 km west of Ayette, Pas de Calais, France


DOZINGHEM MILITARY, Westvleteren, West-Vlaanderen, Belgium


EAST GRINSTEAD OLD CEMETERY Queens Road Cemetery, West Hill, East Grinstead, West Sussex, England

EPEHY WOOD FARM, Epehy, Somme, France

ESQUELBECQ, Esquelbecq, Nord, France

ETAPLES, Etaples, Pas-de-Calais, France

FAUBORG DAMIENS Arras, Pas de Calais, France

FERME-OLIVIER, Ieper, West-Vlaanderen, Belgium

FEUCHY, Feuchy, Pas-de-Calais, France


FLATIRON COPSE, Mametz, Somme, France


FOUQUIERES, Fouquieres-les,Bethune, Pas-de-Calais,France


GAZA WAR, Israel (or Israel-occupied territory)


GRAND-SERACOURT BRITISH CEMETERY Seracourt-le-Grand, Aisne, France

GREEN HILL CEMETERY, Suvla, Gallipoli, Turkey


GROVE TOWN, Meaulte, Somme, France


GUARDS CEMETERY, WINDY CORNER, Windy Corner, Cuinchy, Pas de Calais, France

GUILLEMONT ROAD CEMETERY, Guillemont, Somme, France

GUNNERS FARM MILITARY CEMETERY Comines-Warneton, Hainaut, Belgium


HARLEBEKE NEW BRITISH CEMETERY, Harlebeke, West-Vlaanderen, Belgium

HASLAR ROYAL NAVAL, Gosport, Hampshire, England


HEILLY STATION, Mericourt lAbbe, France

HELLES MEMORIAL, Gallipoli, Turkey

HENINEL-CROISILLES, Heninel, Pas-de-Calais, France

HITCHIN, Hertfordshire, England


KARASOULI MILITARY CEMETERY Polikastro (formerly Karasouli) Greece


LA CLYTTE MILITARY, Reninghelst, West-Vlaanderen, Belgium


LA NEUVILLE, Corbie, France

LA TARGETTE (AUX RIETZ) Neuville St. Vaast, Pas-de-Calais, France

LEBUCQUIERE COMMUNAL, Lebucquiere, Pas-de-Calais, France



LE TOURET MEMORIAL, Le Touret Military Cemetery, Le Touret, France

LEMBET ROAD see Salonika

LJISSONTHOEK MILITARY, Poperinge, West Vlaanderen, Belgium

LONDON CEMETERY Neuville-Vitasse, Pas de Calais, France


LOOS MEMORIAL see Dud Corner

MAILLY WOOD, Mailly-Maillet, Somme, France

MAROC, Grenay, Pas-de-Calais, France




MESSINES RIDGE BRITISH, Mesen, West-Vlaanderen, Belgium




NAVES COMMUNAL, Naves, Nord, France

NEWCASTLE-UPON-TYNE Tyne and Wear, England

NEUVILLE (? Neuvilly Communal. France) see La Neuville

NORFOLK CEMETERY (Becordel-Becourt), Somme, France

NOUEX-LES-MINES, Nouex-les-Mines, Pas-de-Calais, France


PERNES BRITISH, Pernes, Pas-de-Calais, France

PERNOIS BRITISH, Halloy-les-Pernois, France


PHILOSOPHE BRITISH CEMETERY, Philosophe, Mazingarbe, Pas de Calais, France.


PIGEON RAVINE, Epehy, Somme, France

PINK FARM, Helles, Turkey

PLOEGSTEERT MEMORIAL, Ploegsteert, West-Vlaanderen, Belgium

PLOEGSTEERT WOOD MILITARY, Comines-Warneton, Hainaut, Belgium



POPERINGHE NEW MILITARY CEMETERY (? Nine Elms British Cemetery, Poperinge, West-Vlaanderen)

POZIERES BRITISH, Ovillers-la-Boisselle, France


RAMLEH WAR, Israel (or Israel-occupied territory)

RATION FARM La Chapelle-Darmentieres, Nord, France

RUE-DU-BOIS, Fleurbaix, Pas-de-Calais, France

RUE-DU-BACQUEROT No.1 Military Cemetery, Pas de Calais, France

ST AUBIGNY see Aubigny Communal

ST.RIQUIER, St Riquier, Somme, France

ST SEVER Rouen, Seine-Maritime, France


ST VAAST POST Richebourg LAvoue Pas de Calais, France


SALONIKA (LEMBET ROAD) Thessalonika, Greece

SCHOONSELHOF, Antwerpen, Belgium


SOCRERIE see Sucrerie

SOISSONS MEMORIAL, on the left bank of the River Aisne, approx 100 kms north east of Paris, France

SOUTHAMPTON OLD, Hampshire, England

STE.CATHERINE BRITISH CEMETERY Ste Catherine, Pas de Calais, France

STE MARIE, Le Havre, France

STRAND MILITARY, Comines-Wareton, Hainaut, Belgium

SUCRERIE, Colincamps, Somme, France

SUN QUARRY, Cherisy, France





TOURNAI COMMUNAL Tournai, Hainaut, Belgium


TYNE COT CEMETERY AND MEMORIAL, Zonnebeke, West-Vlaanderen, Belgium

UNICORN, Vendhuile, France

VAAST POST Richebourg LAvoue, Pas de Calais, France


VERMELLES, Vermelles, Pas-de-Calais, France


VIS-en-ARTOIS MEMORIAL, about 10 kms south east of Arras, France

VOORMEZELE ENCLOSURES Ieper, West-Vlaanderen, Belgium



WESTHOF FARM Heuvelland West-Vlaanderen, Belgium

WIMEREUX COMMUNAL, Wimereux, Pas-de-Calais, France



ARRAS commemorates almost 35,000 servicemen from the United Kingdom, South Africa and New Zealand who died in the Arras sector between the spring of 1916 and August 7th 1918.

ARRAS FLYING SERVICES MEMORIAL commemorates more than 1,000 airmen of the Royal Naval Air Service, Royal Flying Corps and Royal Air Force who were killed on the whole of the Western Front and who have no known grave














On March 14 2009 in a story in the Daily Mail headlined: Unknown no longer. Thousands of WW1 dead could at last be identified. Alexandra Williams reported that British historian Peter Barton had unearthed an archive, virtually untouched since 1918, in the basement of the Red Cross HQ in Geneva. The archive contains details of the death, burial and capture of more than 20 million soldiers from 30 countries involved in the First World War. (The full report can be found on Go to Daily Mail news - then type in Unknown no longer.)

If anyone has any further knowledge of people on the various lists or any omissions please could email and Ill pass the information on to the author.

Copyright Jerry Green 2010 All rights reserved.

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