Public consultation on plans to rebuild the Crystal Palace will start this autumn

Public consultation on plans to rebuild the Crystal Palace will start this autumn, says the Chinese billionaire behind the proposals.

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In an open letter to the Crystal Palace community Mr Ni Zhaoxing* chairman of ZhongRong group says he is pleased there has been positive feedback following the launch of our plans to rebuild Crystal Palace and to restore the Park. It is encouraging that people are excited about the potential of the scheme and the benefits it can bring to the local area. Equally I am well aware that many of you want to know more details about the project and, in particular, to understand how you can both comment on the plans for new Crystal Palace and play an active part in contributing your ideas to it. Some people will of course have concerns and we are taking note of them. We want to listen and address them as best we can. I want to reassure everyone that a programme of community engagement will be starting later this autumn. The planning is underway for this and we will set out the details as soon as we can in the coming weeks. As I said on the day of the launch the views of local people are important to me and I want to hear what you think. We have published the outline of the scheme but I recognise the desire for more information. Now Bromley council has entered into an exclusivity agreement we can work up the proposals in more detail. I also want to emphasise one final point. The Crystal Palace holds a special place in the history of your country and in the heart of the local community. It was a symbol of imagination, pride and national confidence. That brings a special responsibility for me and for my company to listen and to learn from local residents as we seek to shape the next chapter of this special building. We will take that responsibility very seriously. The letter comes in the latest email from the Crystal Palace park community stakeholder group (CSG) which is asking Bromley council for an explanation of the ‘Exclusivity Area’ covered by the agreement. The CSG add: We want to feed back your views to the Crystal Palace park management board. Please do contact us at with any questions and thoughts on the initial proposals and suggestions on how you would like to see the community engagement process taken forward. *Pronounced, according to ITV News, Knee-Jow-Jing

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  1. Gipsy Hill
    February 15, 2014 at 4:27 pm

    Crystal Palace” has been added as a Strategic Outer London Development Centre in the draft Further Alterations to the London Plan (FALP) in January 2014, which is now out for public consultation. The closing date for feedback regarding this Further Alterations to the London Plan is 10 April 2014.

    It is not clear from the recent draft London Plan what type of “Strategic Outer London Development Centre” has been envisaged for Crystal Palace. Is it meant as a “step change” in growth for significant new sources of employment (and potentially changing the quality and character of Crystal Palace and the wider area)? Or, is it to be sensitive to the area and to enhance the “existing” specialist strengths of the area and the Park/ NSC, and so contributing to existing growth trends and retaining the current “sense of place”?


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