Major changes to Crystal Palace Park agreed

Crystal Palace Park latest:

Goodbye Jubilee Standhello housing at Rockhills and Sydenham Gate

In a letter from the Dept for Communities and Local Government, dated Monday, the Secretary of State has agreed to  a comprehensive phased scheme for landscaping and improvement of Crystal Palace Park. Developments include changes of use including part of the caravan site to public open space and the museum to a park rangers base; the erection of new buildingsincluding a museum, park maintenance facilities, community facility, information kiosk, greenhouses, retail kiosks, cafes, toilets, classroom, childrens nursery, treetop walk, college and up to 180 residential dwellings; erection of a new regional sports centre including indoor swimming poolwater features.

The demolition of St Johns Ambulance premises and One OClock Club, the Paxton Suite and the hostel at the Lodge, the Jubilee Stand and Stadium Stand, buildings at the Caravan Club site.

Grants for building constent including flooring over of the swimming poolsdemolition of high level walkways, covered football pitch and restaurant, training pool building, concrete ventilation duct structures.

The proposed outline planning permission for Crystal Palace Park state:

  • No development of the Caravan site before Jan 1 2019 unless a suitable alternative location is found.
  • No conversion of the National Sports Centre to a dry sports facility shall be undertaken until the new facilities within the Regional Sports Centreor alternative facilities of no less an overall standard at the LPAs decretion are available and opened for public use: a 50m swimming pool, a diving pool,changing facilities for wet and dry use, a sports hall capable of providing 8 badminton courtsan indoor running track, a gym, dance studios, a health and fitness zone, a childrens room, a clubroom and catering facilities.
  • No works on the athletics stadium which would result in the loss of the ability to host IAAF Grand Prix athletics meetingsuntil suitable facilities capable of hosting IAAF Grand Prix athletics meeting have been identifiedelsewhere in London.

This decision may be challenged by making an application to the High Court within 6 weeks of this letter.

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